Monday, 19 July 2010


Religion can be the bane of your life, it can foster ideas and ideologies not of your own making and definitely not of your own choosing too. But before delving into religion and currently there are some 35,000 registered religions on the planet and probably even more popping up as we speak, none of them are God ordained, despite what each one might tell you. No one created God but man created religion hence it's full of failures, let downs, bickering's, stuff that doesn't work or happen, empty promises, made up rituals and dogma, self created histories, divisively content altered and amended by those we seek to pick n' choose for their own version of truth, hatred, killings which Islam hits the number one spot currently, and so it goes on.

Where God in any definition is pure love, there is no evil, there are no self created conditions or strings, and definitely no killings and beatings and beheading and restrictions and condemnations and all the stuff which traditional man made religions are full of. Breed guilt and pay your money is the adage that keeps the followers following, that's what it's all about, announce love and mercy yet kill at the same time, it shows what kind of people run your religion and how they think. There is a big difference between reverential fear and emotional fear based on bad things supposedly going to happen, that's what the devil does, although some God purported religions are more evil that the Devil himself, so that speaks for itself.

Belief in whoever you choose to believe in requires faith, and the vast majority if not the overwhelming majority of the population including priests and imams and rabbi's etc don't have such faith, and it shows through on their outward appearance. When people have a special ability it radiates, most religious leaders are pot bellied and smell of mothballs. Their respective congregations and followers just pay lip service to what they have been taught or picked up upon from their families who in turn did likewise, so generations of failures are in evidence worshiping the Devil in disguise, in fact many don't or can't even read the language that their religious books are printed in, so they have to rely on the watered down and distorted versions of scripture which is half the problem today. You can't believe in something you don't understand nor 'potted' versions that only put the 'good' bits in and leave the 'not so good' bits out. There isn't a religion on the planet that isn't guilty of that.

Of course belief and the power of the mind is amazingly powerful stuff, it can do more than the average pedestrian can or wants to think of. The power of the mind and scientifically proved can have a dramatic effect upon whom we are, and even remote healing by others from different countries praying for the sick can produce remarkable results. Even just having negative thoughts automatically reduces our immune system and similarly positive thoughts and feelings enhance it. Where God is concerned if we need to commune with him we need the conduit called "love" nothing more, with real love in our hearts and our intentions are pure we can have that access 24/7, something that our spiritual leads definitely don't have, including the Pope.

Wise they may be with regards knowledge, but they never come out with statements that show real leadership and strength, and despite the amount of prayer they may have given to seeking guidance they can pray until the sun burns out and they will never receive it as they are not of the quality to access God. Yet accessing God is really just so simple, strip away all the pomp and "Alice In Wonderland" fabrication and dressing up and bowing and curtsying and kissing rings that many have latched on to which in the process they have all lost the plot. Religions today put themselves first and God is almost a second chance product which gives religion something to do and a means of self preservation. But times are a changing, and real "spiritual" growth (whatever that means) is needed to try and fill the void that many feel within their lives and something that's beyond the financial aspects of who they are. The limust test is you are stranded on a dessert islans, hardly any clothes, food, no religious books, etc, where is God now and what do you do next?

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