Saturday, 24 July 2010


The consequence of not being able to forgive is to harbour negative emotions, and the consequence of harbouring negative emotions is that your life will never ever be fulfilled and the edge will be taken off everything you do. For those who sound out the knell "I forgive but don't forget" is tantamount to lying, OK you can't ever forget (except where you put the car keys) but to make a deliberate statement is saying one thing and meaning another, but that's alright it's your life that will suffer. Even President Obama's father wanted to convert from Islam to Christianity but couldn't get over the fact of forgiveness, he couldn't do it so he stayed an unforgiving Muslim, which says a lot about Islam.

It's difficult at times to forgive especially when someone deliberately does a dastardly deed against you or humanity for their apparent own gain or greater plan. But no matter how much that other person knows you dislike them or possibly doesn't know, it's not going to change one thing ever except make you the instigator of your own negative thoughts worse off, such is the nature of negative emotions. All the useless mind talk of "I hope this happens to them", or "I hope they die a painful death" or whatever is absolutely pointless, and if you don't desist then it speaks volumes about you too.

There are people who live having harboured negative emotions for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or more years, still clinging on to events decades ago, such is their narrow and insular mind. There are those that hide behind past un-forgiveness and blame everything in life on such events which makes them look like second class morons and are a pain to everyone around them including family. And then there are those whose own agendas include negative emotions and try to instill and inflict on others what has happened to them as if by magic the veil of the past will lift, it never does, such people become more selfish, bitter, twisted and useless eventually causing a demise in whom they are and altering their mind state to that of pure debased rubble.

Forgiveness is part of the "love walk", it's part of respecting yourself and not elevating others to hatred or via some other negative route. Forgiveness allows the past to weaken and fall away whilst at the same time allows the mind to grasp the present and future and see what's in store and the enjoyment that it can give. Being a self martyr isn't smart it's positively stupid and childish, but it's a choice, your choice, so don't expect others to listen or join you in your own personal selfish devises they have a life to lead and it doesn't include your pathetic and selfish thoughts.

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