Sunday, 25 July 2010


We all have moments of panic or indecision even the most established and down to earth have at times to ponder as to what's best to do often going against what we would have really liked but circumstances dictate otherwise.Then there are those moments when we go to bed and as we relax our minds fill up with not only the thoughts of the day, but extraneous thoughts too, the thoughts of negativity, the thoughts that throw a spanner into the whole workings of our lives, they create scenarios of gross failure, nasty outcomes, unease and uncertainty and we end up having restless nights, hot sweats and feel like we've run a marathon by the time we get up in the morning.

We do have control of our minds and it's imperative that we keep this control too even when under stress or duress so that we remain calm, cool and collected. When we allow our minds to wander the "mind gremlins" come out to play, there's nothing better than for them to feed off our insecurity and degrees of turmoil and unknown thoughts about the future. But if we allow them to run riot and rock n' roll with our negative thoughts then we are in for a very bumpy ride. If need be get up, don't ever put up with your mind racing away and doing nothing about it. The mind gremlins feed on everything that's not love or harmony, so we need to change our thoughts and not dwell on stuff that we don't know will or will not happen.

The condition of our mind is down to us, if we feed it rubbish from stupid content in magazines and watch silly stuff that has no connection with us, and follow people who have no bearing upon our lives other than pathetic curiosity then life will be hollow as we will have little left for ourselves. There are times in our lives when things all go well, and then there are times when things don't, we do know the difference so we should be prepared for when they don't so that we can cope and don't hit the bottle or get sleeping tablets or tranquilisers which do nothing whatsoever to solve the problems that's causing it all.

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