Friday, 16 July 2010


It's important that we keep our self esteem in tip top condition regardless of events or others around us and we don't cower down to ideas that others are better than us or that others are superior. There's much to do with our way of thinking and our upbringing that makes us think the way we do, but no one is better than ourselves, even if some have abilities or aptitudes or degrees of cleverness over and above our own, it's doesn't make them better as people or anything else. The airs and graces that people put on to try and elevate themselves and in the process make themselves feel better outlines that deep down they aren't as good as they make out. Which has little to do with bettering onesself.

Self Esteem is a component that's within us all, it definitely doesn't comprise of negative emotions or ego or arrogance and it's nothing to do with some people's ability to appear to be self confident as that's more of a trait than anything else. Many people who can intermingle with others with consummate ease often fall down badly when it comes to many personal problems or situations, so we should not be judgemental from afar or be biased based upon our perceptions and gross ignorance.

There's nothing wrong with not knowing even if at times it makes us feel embarrassed or somewhat less informed or even uncomfortable, we can't be masters at everything and at times we all find we are like "ducks out of water", it's just that some people have been exposed to life more than others and thus seem to know more, but they too at one time have had to go through the learning curve of life and that curve at times may have been almost vertical. If we have a true and real character then we understand that some in our company will not know what we know and for "decent" people allowances are made, for the supercilious they show who they are by their their own devised ignorance.

There isn't one person on the planet better than us, regardless of status or stature, and for some to take on the mantle of being of a "higher order" is tantamount to living in a world of self delusion, we don't need to know then nor respect them. We need to keep our own council and live within our own abilities for if we strive too hard and don't have the facilities to back up where we are going it will all come tumbling down, and often to a degree that we will not be able to have a second go at the event. Self  Esteem is being honest with whom we are and what we are, it's not putting on a facade nor anything else, which doesn't mean at times we can't try to "up our game" such as in an interview etc, but generally being who we are gives us a strength of not being taken advantage of and people not thinking we are something other than what we are, which can have dire consequences.

Living within our own skin is where we are best accomplished at doing what we need to do, it doesn't negate the daydreams and aspirations we may have, but it does firmly put in full control who we are and we are thus best able to access our feelings and emotions and cope better to keep ourselves on an even keel. No matter how bombastic others may appear, or how intimidation others are, we must keep our own resolve and never ever be afraid of saying NO. Let others get over being upset or let down, that's their business you are not a sponge or a scape goat for others ideas or deviuses or plans, you have your own to get to grips with.

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