Tuesday, 20 July 2010


In today's hurly burly world of marketed rubbish and hollow and debased form, where the outcome is scarcely worthy of the cost and everything is linked to a list of conditions and disclaimers, is there any wonder why the word "shallow" crops up all around us. Even politicians show their lack of statesmanship by their childish if not "bitchy" comments belying their own somewhat shoddy and suspect characters.It's interesting to note that people who allow their characters to run into areas of "statesmanship" that there is usually a link between their honesty and their tax returns and expenses.

We have today a manner of names designed, concocted, produced to mark certain aspects of life and pigeon hole people to make it all easier to understand, as if the general populous were becoming more ignorant, well, maybe they just are in certain aspects. Certainly companies, governmental forms and market research organisations are finding free flow a hard line to come to terms with, as they are all impotent without categories to fall behind.

With sexuality there is something happening which is changing the whole ethos of who we are, it may not be endemic to the masses but it's certainly changing unless your are a Muslim and then of course in Islam it's easier to deny change than to embrace it, just go to any Islamic country and find out yourself. There is of course the heterosexual then the homosexual and then the meterosexual (or bi-sexual) and a few more, but those are not relevant and one could go on ad infinitum. We have civil rights and civil liberties who demand that we need our freedom and our human rights (except Islamic countries and Africa hence they are always failing and falling behind in life and permanently bickering).

But to bring things to a head the human form is changing, it's evolving where many more are not only experimenting with their feelings but often changing sides half way through their lives, which gives the good old churches something to harp on about, be grossly judgmental and then say everyone is loved and it keeps psychiatrists busy too and stops them going off the rails themselves by looking at others lives, it take their mind off themselves. And again good old Islam no problems here homosexuality and metrosexual practises don't exist because they kill you off, result, no problems anymore. If only life were that simple if you don't like what we say kill them, problems solved. Women are stoned to death today in some Islamic countries but of course not the men, that's fair isn't it?

Our sexuality is a major part of our lives, it's us, it's going to be something we will have to live with every day and possibly too with our partner, so it's important that we feel just fine in our skin and that we are not harassed or put under duress by religious lunatics and stupid selfish parents that see life from their point of view only(limited love here). When it comes to life we must look purely at the facts and not at fantasy or ideals as for many such things do not exist. Reality is the best way forward because that stops us fantasizing about events that will almost probably never ever happen. The more real we are the better the chances are that life will be good towards us and that we will be comfortable with whom we are and that will come out in our character and gives us strength in all areas of life and within ourselves too.

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