Wednesday, 21 July 2010


We all like to pop the little bubbles on the bubble wrap we get with our gifts or appliances, it serves a valuable purpose and protects what we have received from life's knocks and dents and rough handling and anything else that could damage the contents it holds within. The little pops and the popping sound is in many ways quite therapeutic and for some it's a "I just have to do it" when they see bubble wrap lying around, having just done its job of work.

But for many people life is a bit like bubble wrap, they cocoon themselves in a little bubbles of this thought, that deed, that action, those friends, those thoughts, my family, my possessions, my work, my ideas, and so it goes on, all little bubble spheres of all about me. And whilst there is nothing wrong with having our individual thoughts and feelings if we keep them all separated and living in isolated bubbles there will be no cohesion within our lives and indeed those we mingle with and especially at work where we need to shine in order to move forward and enjoy who we work with even those we don't particularly like.

But like many things, our bubble wrap world is strong only when it's all together and like us popping each individual bubble on our sheet of plastic our world can come toppling down by our own bubbles being popped or deflated just as easily. And once its all been popped that's it, there is no further use other than perhaps recycling. If we are to make anything of ourselves we need to be outgoing and allow all our compartmental areas free flow, make them work and show what's stored within, if we keep it to ourselves that's where it will stay and as most people are not psychic they will not have a clue as to what lies within.

Living in a bubble wrap world makes us judgmental like many religious people, it makes us cranky or fanatical, it makes us outcasts never being able to mix or mingle well as there will be always something about someone we will instantly dislike and move away from, but as no one is perfect it leads to almost instant isolation. We then end up between the devil and the deep blue sea, where do we go and what do we do? Well, the first thing we do is change our attitude, the second thing we do is to take people at face value no matter who they are or what they do, and the third thing is to "get a life" how on earth did you end up like this in the first place, are you so selfish that you think life owes you a living because if so you will die waiting if that's the case.

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