Thursday 19 April 2012


We tend to think in very narrow terms dimensionally which is understandable as we live in a relatively primitive environment even though we are quite smug at what we have attained today ourselves, whilst some areas of society are still living in the past. But all around us exists right now the area of multi-dimensional access, we can't see it or feel it, but it's there and the human mind can actually step into it, which eradicates scientists as their analytical brains exclude any involvement in such ability or indeed anyone who has a degree of lack where it comes to separating the mind from the here and now and allowing it to free flow. But enough for what may be science fiction to some, Multi-dimensional aspects of life are not new it's just science as usual catching up and themselves thinking how fabulous they are only to realise that they haven't gotten to the first rung of the ladder. If one is a Darwinian thinker then there are blocks and obstacles that will forever meet "dead ends" because life is divisive and holds very little in anything that would be termed "supernatural" which is nothing to do with TV programmes that have that name in a title.

Multi-dimensional is where space created by envelope packets of Light exist so that constant metamorphic transformations and integrations can take place. Hyperdimentional is where a specific sequence or operation occurs on a specific input corridor between sets of three dimensional space. The ability of the development of man will drastically change / evolve over time into a being and society that is way beyond the 'smart phone' society of today where such devises will look like something that Fisher Price made. But what it also does mean that earth and those in it today will be starting to see a radical planet transformation of cultures and religions associated with those that hold on to outmoded and defunct thought processes. Natural and enforced decay is in evidence and whilst some may cling on to what they believe, most beliefs are something of a hollow nature and never supports society no matter what media input or PR is attuned to it to smarten the image, it is all destined for a mass grave.  (Islam is a prime example). Those that cling on to the past will not have any chance to further a cause for the future and by their own hands will remain dimensionally stuck until there is nothing left of themselves, which is happening now.

Magnetohydrodynamics are energy forces which arise from the motion of electrically conducting media in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. Higher evolution in society is here, it's very small and for many it's of no interest as it's definitely not material based so their is no kudos in it whatsoever. Whatever our beliefs or ideologies in life some things will be enacted regardless and it's only time that will bring together a more complete understanding of planet earth and its existence. Even the 'big bang', which scientists still prevaricate about and throw in endless hypothesise has more to tell than what they know is in store. It's also possible that our own "coming together" on planet earth where a more harmonious society will live together and enjoy a better level of consciousness and no mental health conditions nor feeding on negative emotions or hyped statements drawn out for effect will be prevalent.  It's also possible too that within the Mazzaroth other societies will be going through the self same growth and evolving to an ultimate common benefit.

The next years will see both catastrophic as well as reversals of both weather and habitable conditions. Some follow a cycle dating back to hundreds of years, one thing is for sure however, whatever we do planet earth will survive, whether it's raging fires or deep ice, earth will survive. The biggest question is will man, as man is relatively a new comer and his evolution is now  really just taking shape. Remarkable happenings are to appear as well as great scientific breakthroughs evolution is now within our own visible spectrum and not just something we have read in the history books. It's a real life 'musical chairs' now and each time the music stops one chair is removed, that's what happens when those in society don't latch on they get eliminated. It's sad yet at the same time it's all very exciting as progress is forward thinking not backward thinking and those that conduct evil on the planet will be the first the suffer from the missed chair effect.

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