Monday 2 July 2012


All around us is noise of some sort, whether it's the neighbours children, traffic, aircraft flying over, loud music, etc, whatever it is there whether we hear it or not. On the other side of the audible spectrum there resides another dimension in sound one that has defined purpose as well as other random sounds too, but for ourselves this organised noise is what makes life for us what it is today. It's the invisible signal noise of radio, television, internet, our mobile phones, our remote control units, sat nav, and the rest it's all there on designated frequencies doing what its supposed to do. In between that the ambient noise or white noise exists, it's the stuff that we can hear and something we either love or not, country dwellers experience different ambient noises from those living in the cities and by further definition those living near railways and airports experience variants within all of that, etc. The world in which we live we is bombarded by advertising all promising the thought of something better, success, keys to this n' that, instant point scoring, increase your rating, get your business more aware, nay for a small fee the secrets of the universe will uncovered by - whoever, it's all there if we choose to look, and if we don't choose to look they are there to tell us anyway. We are a brilliant and boastful and deceitful society mixing a little of this, a little of that and with a bit of strategic marketing until it all comes together as "today's flavour" an elixir that everyone just 'has' to buy, all very California. Which is not to say it doesn't work, but what it doesn't bring into its algorithms are the times lines and numerous coefficients that actually stop it being a run away success, as most products" have like pre-packed food a shelf life after which it doesn't go off as such but becomes superseded by an updated model, by another creator, definitely very California.

There is a purpose and a success trail for all of us, and whilst latching on to others formulas and strategies which may coincide or assist us with what we are doing we can if not careful get bogged down in areas which are not conducive nor creative to what we are doing, even if in themselves they are fabulous. There is a degree of uniqueness about each and every one of us whether we allow this to shine or keep it behind locked doors is down to us. Our uniqueness is very real, we can hear the voice of our partner or friend over and above all others if close by, and if we really try we can hear other information too that many just allow to pass by. Similarly if we seek a trajectory in life or a way forward it must be something that resonates well even if initially we are the only ones to see it, which is often the case. Within the "white noise" there is "our pathway" our own unique signal that no amount of promotion or advertising will help secure or bring around success, if what we are aiming for doesn't have that resounding feeling and resonance then it will just be something that's smart or good but goes no further, and how many times have we all seen that, and indeed perhaps with our own projects not proceeding as wished.

In the space arena stations are all over the world listening for those feint sounds that will indicate a potential, we can hear noises in our car when it goes wrong, and indeed surveillance systems listen for those extraordinary sounds over and above the backdrop of commonplace to decipher and deceminate tell tale areas that give knowledge and advantage. Out there waiting to help us all become rich and famous are those who for a fee will 'tell all' their systems, (or rather unlock a bit at a time costing each step of the way) unleashing designer understanding, knowledge, methodology, schemes, etc, which will enable us to reach  where we think we need to be or if greedy desire. For many their desire is possibly a step too far even if what they do is commendable, it's a bit like driving a normal car 'off road' whereas a 4x4 would have been the best option. It's these nuances and differences that sometimes just can't take in or accommodate differences that even experts don't see or want to see for fear themselves of losing a sale. If what we do is inherent then we would 'see' the little things that are likely to accelerate where we need to go, or have some catalytic action and within that 'white noise' we would both see and feel that pathway which others would completely miss out or be oblivious of.  

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