Wednesday, 18 July 2012


There's one thing that really does 'rattle our cage' and that's when stuff goes wrong. It's so gratifying when our plans or circumstances fall into place it not only makes us feel good we even have a different perspective on life and the world. It's a mixture of compassion, elevation and greater understanding of all that's around us, but boy does it vanish when it all collides and goes awry. In reality it's only our mind that makes us think that way because things are as they are whatever happens the good, the bad and the indifferent, it's all processed by the self same computer - our mind. When we try to get it right it's because we have taken care and hopefully paid attention to what we are doing, so if it goes wrong we should have some idea as to how best to rectify it or pull it all together even if that is not really a very palatable idea. Overcoming disappointment is what most people tend to fall down upon, allowing the negativity of the situation to swirl around in the mind and then feeling sorry and wanting a degree of self compassion makes it even worse. The feeling that one gets in the pit of the stomach adds to the drama of it all, the mind searching for those seemingly illusive elements that we hopefully can latch upon to bring it all around again and make us feel as if nothing has happened, but it has.

It's so important to live your life with a feeling of contentment within and a feeling that you can also 'let go' when necessary too. It doesn't mean that life has to be fabulous and full of the riches that one feels that one deserves, but whatever you have and wherever you are and whatever you are going through an acceptance makes the negative values disappear. Mentally struggling takes up thought volume and in turn that narrows the space needed to process creativity, which in turn retards our thoughts, values and perspectives on life which in turn lowers our awareness and that in turn stops us enjoying the best of what's out there. It's a negative vicious circle each element feeding upon each other going round and round at the expense of our happiness, well being, health, all of which is called 'life'. It's important that whatever we do we do our best at for even at times that doesn't even go according to plan, never the less we get full marks for trying, we get nothing for doing nothing and even little more for doing things half heartedly. It's how we process our thoughts that makes a world of difference and it has amazing change properties within us when we are in alignment with ourselves and follow a purpose and direction whatever that it.

Getting it right is the number one aspect of having a correct 'Attitude', for without a correct attitude we not only don't get on well with life but are often ostracised by those around because they see us as not quite responsive or interested in anything but ourselves and our personal / internal thoughts on life and that 'woe is me' attitude then prevails. We need to respect who we are and at the same time not disrespect others which often goes 'hand in hand' , it's this dichotomy that lowers many people's resistance to moving on as they hold on to it and that's needless baggage. A hot air balloon rises when the ballast (the weights) are dropped and thus allows it to move upwards. Similarly life is very much the same in that if we are full of ballast then we will not only not move up we will stagnate and that will cause problems of its own. Moving on is the only way forward as life evolves whether we move in harmony with it or not we will subliminally be dragged along, so e need to end up where approximately we want o be and not just dumped somewhere because we didn't take any ownership of our existence.   

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