Friday, 6 July 2012


What kind of a person are you? How do you look at life and how do you deal with all the ups and downs that one goes through? Are you a person that enjoys the good times but is a mess when it all goes 'belly up'? Are you a sociable and friendly type of person, someone who is approachable and leaves their own thoughts and feelings aside when others "grate on you" and start talking to you? Are you that affable soul that looks cheerful even when racing away with a hundred different things that need to be done? Can you see the 'bigger picture' predominantly in life as opposed to residing in a narrow microcosm of the narrow mindedness and stilted views? Are you an "all round" "Mr.Nice Guy" or are you touchy, snooty, stupid, selfish, picky, opinionated, not very knowledgeable about food or drink and selective to a high degree, stick to staid views, judgemental, etc, because if you are you will not be alone? Are you outgoing, gregarious, adventurous, or are you moody, insular, choosy, and not knowingly boring, even though you think you are the opposite - but if you are you are not alone? Do you have a good general knowledge of what's going on in the world or predominantly only know which celebrities are sleeping with whom and are in rehab because if that's your lot you are not alone? Do you just go through life or do you make a life, do you bring richness into your life or do you wait for richness whatever that is to enter via someone else- because if you do you are not alone? Do you walk your pathway in life or do you follow everyone else marvelling at what they have done but not  much to show of the self, because if you do you are not alone? Do you think you are loving and compassionate and warm and kind and generous and follow that through outside of the family to others - because if you think that then you are not alone? Do you think that you are intelligent, aware, knowledgeable, worldly, understanding, have social graces, etiquette, (whether you have or not or aspire to have) because if you do you are not alone.

What do you do for love in your life outside of your family, or does it just stop there? Do you even consider love to be an important or intricate part of your life or does it never cross your mind or just think that you are a loving sort of person and that's it? Do you feel that you are compassionate and because of that you are cool with that "smug" feeling that you have that trait so it's all all right? Are you open minded or like to think you are if asked yet deep down you are quite rigid in your thoughts and selective perceptions?  Do you think you should be better than you are or further on in life? Has your life a purpose or do you just live it and have private thoughts as to where  it should or might go? Are your aspirations wholesome or idealistically based upon what you would like to see as opposed to those based upon everyone not just your ideals or whims? What makes you happy, and where does your thought train reside when it comes to possession of material effects and acquisitions? Are you self confident yet not smug nor arrogant and do you ever get intimidated by those who seemingly have more than you or do you like to show off with the few bits that you have already to appease that inner self as to satisfaction and establishment of whom you are? Do you lead or follow, and if so are you happy with either or do you prefer to call yourself entrepreneurial as it sounds good, feels good and encompasses areas that you don't like to think about individually?

The love walk in life is all about us, no one else, the more love we have the lighter life is and the greater understanding we have for everything and the less emotionally involved we get with trivia or problems that are way beyond our control. We also more frequently see the "bigger picture" and don't take offence ever if we are called names or shouted at or whatever it may be, as it says more about the other person / others than ourselves. When things are not so hot knowing that it will get better enables us not to automatically take a ride on the "miserable" coach until it does, we are fine just now - regardless.The more we interact with elements, media, stories about what is not of our concern, the more we allow the "Sponge Effect" to take shape, i.e. we keep subliminally absorbing information that we don't or can't use until we become over full then start to weaken our resolve, we become saturated with trivia at the expense of real concern and love about the things we have authority and control over.   

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