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It's getting more difficult all the time for people to try and relate to something tangible in their lives, it doesn't matter what it is all but without this relationship it's difficult to live an enjoyable life. The number of so called "lost" people is increasing, people who no matter what they do just can't seem to find a niche or position to get themselves into a state of 'happiness'. On the other side of the fence are those who in theory anyway have that niche and it's often their their culture, unfortunately it's a second hand culture and one that's been handed own by parents or grand parents and no longer exists where they currently reside. Whoever you are, wherever you come from one thing is perfectly clear, your culture is where you are right here right now. No matter what your roots or past history if you are born in London or New York or wherever then that is where your culture starts not some idealistic stuff that your parents want you to know about. There is nothing wrong with knowing where your ancestry came from nor any details of that, but you have never experienced it at all and this "in my culture we do this" is not only rubbish it's unpatriotic as to the country in which you live and by default you actually isolate yourself in the process. Don't ever be dragged into someone else's reality no matter how it is. It's similar to the overzealous expectation of children by the parents who say "I only want the best for them" but take no account of what their children want.

We are all different, some people have in their past a string of destinations in which they lived, that too is part of their culture, where you live is the default base even if it's concurrent with others around you so be it.  We need to be at the top of our game no one else's so it's imperative that we are comfortable and have no pressures to conform to abstract areas of life regardless of how nice they may be. Cultures are seen in today's world as an adjunct to identity but only by those who are in the culture loop, for everyone else it doesn't matter, and for all intense and purposes in life it doesn't matter either. Rituals of the past have a habit of causing consternation, dismay, unrest, disharmony, and also family conflicts which is the last thing that should happen, particularly endemic in Asian societies, where status overtakes real family love. It's when selfish parents place their priorities for themselves over the lives of others. Culture often goes hand in hand with "Duty", duty as such can actually cause misplaced loyalties and go against the law or be morally incorrect, especially when enacted in a new or different environment.

We see when we go on holiday or on television travelogues about wonderfully colourful displays of people and their cultures why they do what they do, yet it has nothing to do with the  'now' nor can others be dragged into the scenario. Wrong signals, wrong messages, wrong understanding, wrong everything can ensue if cultures are not kept to the self as something of a choice and not as a duty, etc. Our need to go forward needs some real background substance otherwise we find we are somewhat 'light' as to establishing ourselves. Although many people move to other countries and settle down right away without any troubles what so ever and get on well. The culture of where you are may be alien and it also maybe that you have previously lived in an advanced society that has not been wrapped up or consigned to the dogma of an earlier age, never the less the cultural understanding does have a part to play in your overall perceptions of life and with a better perspective help you overcome or play the games to get what you want.  

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