Monday, 9 July 2012


We all possess to a degree an understanding, usually of a subliminal nature of "spacial awareness" and also of "being grateful" and whilst both may not seem to be related to each other they most definitely are. We more often than not like to see logic at work so without too much thought we can link A and B and come to some type of conclusion within our mind as to "why" or whether or not what we have assessed is of any importance to us. But in the "bigger picture" all these little aspects of whom we are do play a part in our roles in life as well as manifest themselves in our character. These traits in turn are usually made use of by marketing companies and the like in order to either give a better product / service or tailor make their current service to entice new and keep established customers. Similar traits can be manifestly different from many different peoples from different parts of the world, and what works in one country doesn't necessarily work in another, even mentalities change at certain levels too as does the general 'nonchalance' of living. That is for example what a businessman in Africa, Japan, UK, USA, South America, India, Middle East, etc, would do in an identical situation in another country, and it can be quite different in how and why they execute what they do and watching their body language and coherence to their "temporary environment" makes. The more "gratitude" we have within us the happier and more contented we become, and it allows us thus to "see" what needs to be done as to constantly striving to make things better which is predominantly a figment of our thoughts in relation to a potential that's "off course".

Of course we must never lose sight of the fact that we are all different and some people are more easy at travelling than others, never the less characters often reflect the country from whence they came and that brings with it a degree of "spacial presence" which can be identified as to even down to literally how people sit in a row of seats and how much space they take up (given like for like). Some people are predominantly aware of others whilst some seemingly are oblivious and some to the point they 'see' little of anything else until it almost hits them in the face. And whilst this may seem - to many people - superfluous it can have a big effect on how we "like" someone or even want to do business with them, and how our product is tailor made or how it's received etc. Similarly "attitude" plays a significant part of how we encompass life and how we enjoy it, and it usually goes hand in hand with our "spacial understanding" of it. Some people appear mean not because they necessarily are but just because they don't "think" of other people in their thought process, kindnesses or being thoughtful never or rarely crosses their minds and thus they form a certain "cold etiquette" towards others perceptions and feelings, all of which has an effect, an effect which in some circumstances could well negate themselves from what they seek. Moving further on taking such characteristics further the degree of gratefulness that they have within also manifests itself on their ability to interact, be observant, be understanding, be cooperative, be responsive, be pro-active, etc, and these again define a person further.

As simple as we think things are and the ease at which we think we can pin point others traits and  aptitudes is in reality not as easy as just looking and seeing what corresponds to 'our way' and if they don't basically correspond then they are less of a person or not "our type". We actively 'select' what fits in best with ourselves that's why being positive is so important, as generally 'like attracts like'. Mentality is important too and so is the "spacial awareness" of those around us for if they veer off too much from what we see and do and like, we definitely see them as 'not acceptable' to whom we are and our plans and way of life. This can as be seen as prejudice or classed as some other kind of "ist" which there are many, but in reality it is natural to get what most suits the position in many areas such as attitude, as a bad attitude or lacking in 'spacial aptitudes' can negate excellent qualifications and the position can be rendered useless accordingly. It's how we judge our friends and it's also mixed with emotions too which either enhance or clouds our judgement. It's all so complex and yet so simple because in a flash we can usually 'see' who is good or not regardless of their ability in most cases, it's when we become too technical and apply enforced structures that life takes a turn for the worst.

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