Monday 26 March 2012


Everyday someone somewhere is going through an ordeal of a magnitude that they would never have dreamt of, it doesn't just happen to a few but encompasses millions of people across the planet. It matters not what it is, medical, financial, relationship, poverty, tsunamis, etc, it is what it is and it taxes the self to enormous lengths. How we cope differs from person to person and how we deal with life and look upon life, after all it's part of our personal evolution and it will have a place in our lives whether we like it or not. Whether we make a shrine to it and carry it around for time to come as a topic of conversation or whether we place it in our archives as something that just happened at a certain time is down to us. And what we may think is a personal tribulation for others is relatively nothing as compared to what they have been through, endured and come out of the other side to live life yet again. Everything in life is relative and how we see life is relative to our enjoyment, how we embrace life, commune with life and share life makes a difference to our personal presence and whom we choose to have around us or possibly who chooses to be around us, hereby lies a big difference. Most people are themselves the biggest problem they will ever face how we think things through or reason with life and all its foibles comes from one solitary place, the mind. Our thoughts are unique even if they at times concur with those of others. If we choose to imitate or copy others that's a choice we have made, if it's the wrong choice we are to blame not those we followed, taking ownership is paramount to a really full enjoyment of life at every level.

Life takes no prisoners nor holds any ace cards nor warrants any favourites, whatever we do or encounter is exactly what it is. We are at the helm of our own ship and thus we have to steer it, if we don't we will end up floating randomly and where we end up is anyone's guess. We can't apportion blame nor fairness to anything as we must be in control of ourselves regardless of the circumstances which are always subject to change. Intellectual conjecture is stuff TV programmes are made of for entertainment not a key faculty for managing life. Within the pathway ahead are two crucial areas, love and associated happiness for if we are devoid of either our purpose and feeling of being wanted is lost, at which point everything loses its meaning. The God factor is significant in many lives even if the God they are worshipping doesn't exist because as it gives that "after life" understanding that makes paving the way here on earth a worthwhile cause, even if it's rough and unjust. The atheists will die and be confined to dust as forgotten and as a transient entity without any purpose and certainly no after life anyway.

Every individual is a success, failure is something that has been conjured up by the media and the narrow to apportion credentials that are not of their own volition and thus make a statement at something that is far beyond their own comprehension. Sadly many choose to see success as something tangible, yet for many getting through the life they have been delivered is more than a success it's a tribute to their own stamina and determination and strong will. Many so called successful people have gained an asset upon which they are judged but at the end of the day it all means nothing as life is an attitude which is a free spirit and definitely not linked to any religion nor commercial enterprise. Dealing with life no matter what is very personal even though some like to share it with everyone they come across, which in reality makes things worse as they then build a scenario with gravitas and that's then an entity in the mind whereas before it was just a problem to be solved.

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