Wednesday 4 January 2012


When we are little we have a whole range of thoughts as to what we would like to be later in life, as we get older, hopefully wiser and definitely more knowledgeable we hone our views and aspirations into different quarters and then link the possibility of same with our credentials and abilities which immediately puts paid to some thoughts and allows others possibly - only just - through the net. Even then we are not always that satisfied as we often have feelings deep within that there must be something better which really fires our inner self that current ideals don't seem to do or meet. Once upon a time it was a job for life, now it hardly ever exists at all as shareholder value is way in excess of employee value so knowing that makes us more wary of what we want to do for ourselves and not for someone else who will take our credit and leave us with nothing. The fragility of today leaves many pondering their own future and the way they both need to proceed forward and at the same time enjoy life too, for without enjoying life but enduring it is a route to falling short of everything that we would like for ourselves including respect.

Mid-life crisis, life crisis, increases in stress, anxiety, stability, cohesion of whom we are, our views on life and our take on whom we are are all very important because if we don't have a handle on these things we are almost lost in a mental quagmire that will haunt us day and night. If there is no future as we see it then we are not going to rest soundly, and for many both young and old alike they are faced with such thoughts daily and find it difficult to come to terms with. The employment market today is as mixed as ever, the changing of a career way outside of what one has done for many years is not uncommon and what's more those that do make such changes are not only happier but very good in what they now do, regardless of not having years of experience. Unfortunately, employment agencies and HR are not that confident nor proficient nor forward thinking enough to facilitate more in this emerging area but it is increasing.

At some stage in our lives we recollect what we have achieved and what it means to us, it's at times like these that the reality of life comes upon us and we make strong judgements and decisions as to where we would like to go and why and what for. Our own inner satisfaction taking a major role in our decisions. We evolve in life to an extent that we at times are not aware of where we are as it creeps upon us in our struggle or development or just our understanding of looking after others that time flies by. One moment we are doing what we are doing the next we are contemplative and rather fragile and sensitive about all that's around us and the smallest of things and the faults of others looms large within the framework of our view and it becomes a task in itself to steer a straight line, wavering from one point to another trying to seek some degree of peace and acceptance. The feel for inner grounding becomes paramount and we see that those around us are oblivious of our needs and thoughts which leads to a degree of further isolation and unrest. The whole scenario is becalming and one wishes desperately for that wind of change to blow up and fill our sails with something that fills those inner voids that weigh heavily within.

The good news is that the becalming effect is but a mere blip, it's there for a relatively short time and provided we put some effort into what we seek in life then at some point the two effects will merge and that eureka moment will arrive. Keeping our own resolve can at times be a trying experience yet we do it and we overcome the debacles that exist. It's never too late to do what you want to do, listen ONLY to positive people around you never take advice from those whose life is less than your own. Never discuss your problems or ideas with those who you know are lowly and negative as they will act as "emotional vampires" draining all your positivity through narrow mindedness and lack of fore site, knowledge, experience and worst of all their own failings, anxieties and fears which is the last thing you want. Success isn't exclusive to a few it's awaiting what you want to do, your name has success right next to it, never let anyone no matter who take that sign away from you, it's yours keep it.    

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