Saturday 28 January 2012


What is the thing that is going to upset you the most, what is it that is going to both destabilise you and make you feel low and possibly ill at the same time. What robs you of both your future and your happiness? What is it that causes you to age and not find peace, that stilts your conversational flow and curtails your camaraderie with others and communing with life? What is it that grounds you to a level that you lose the impetus to move on that steals your joy that confines your inner self and makes life feel hollow, shallow, pointless, worthless and that you just can't see the "Exit" sign. What causes depression, anxiety, tension, lack lustre, thwarts the smiles and causes the self to implode. It's fear, nothing more nor less, that little word that can have so many root complications that few of us realise that accepting it within can be like getting a virus on your PC, it starts eating away at the very fabric and core of life itself. Fear is the antithesis of love, it's everything that love isn't, it has no positive sides nor attributes it's darkness personified in an almost soluble form, like a number of religions where fear is a control and darkness, unrest, unhappiness, insurrection, aggression and killing is the outcome of the inherent evil within. Fear is not difficult to produce, carefully directed at targeted audiences always with conditions it rarely fails to work, only the enlightened rise above it and see it for what it is, a manipulation by one area of society over and above another. Religion is a perfect example in society where this can work wonders instilling a fear that if you do or don't do this n that God will punish you, where in reality nothing happens, yet the fear content of it is always lurking in the background.

Fear comes in many guises, all producing the same effect but the origination of the manifestation is different. We can have a fear of the dark or spiders or heights, etc, then we can have a fear of people and what they may do which could even be your parents as it happens, it could be a fear which is produced by a lack of self confidence and thus one is fearful of what others might think or say about them. And there could also be that religious fear that's instilled into us by the so called "spiritual leaders" which is a false name as they have no more contact with God than anyone else and have underlying tendencies to be manipulative and evil, but then some religions are as can be seen by their constant desire to kill. There is another area of fear too one which we ourselves create, a fictitious barrier that if we do something then the worst will happen. Then their is a fear of the self, getting fat, old, failure, can't cope, the future, plus a whole host of other stuff that is manifested within. The result of all these and others areas of fear is the same it reduces ones ability to enjoy life and can over the long term cause illness and degrees of timidity and loneliness.

We are all different and hold different aptitudes, abilities and degrees of mentality, whilst some thrive on the unknown as it produces excitement and possibilities, others dread that very thought, preferring to stick within what they know and what they do, their own small and semi-cosy comfort zone. In addition there are some races and cultures that are inherently unstable in that when all is well they are fine and as soon as something starts to go wrong they get hysterical and emotion leads over thought and common sense and then they produce a fear all of their own akin to, something that can be induced with a herding instinct too. Fear for many is the biggest problem they have, it's not knowing the future or how they are going to cope. Fear can be spread within families, if you are brought up in a family that's fearful the chances are you'll be like that too. If you are brought up in a family that has a positive outlook then the chances are you'll have those positive inherent traits also. Fear clouds the mind, opens a channel for inept and wrong decisions, it accelerates emotional thoughts which have often no logical base and which causes degrees of instability and separation. Negativity is all around us as is positivity, we are like magnets and attract those similar to ourselves which further fuels how we see and live in life. Our health relies on how we think and live, negative people fear the worst positive people always see the best and cope with the worst. To enjoy life we need to assess life from a positive stand point, even if it doesn't quite go the way we would have liked, If we value any part of our lives and those we hold dear to us positivity is the only way forward, otherwise fear will take over.

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