Monday 16 January 2012


Our journey in life is full of ups and downs and on the whole we cope with them all, some only just and some test our mettle to an extent in looking back we barely wonder how we ever got through it all, but we did, it's how it is for most of us. Despite our differences we share much in common over and above surviving to carry on whatever that is for each and every one of us. Our start in life has to some degree an influence on how we go forward and how we tend to think and feel later on, however it's not definitive stuff, there are those from the most atrocious backgrounds that turn out not only very well balanced but very successful and philanthropic to boot, so we can't go forward in life blaming our past when we are fully cognisant about whom we are and our abilities. Of course how we think and feel and our mental stance varies enormously hence the massive differences in opinions and unrest that we find in the world at large, it has two effects, one it can bring like minds together and the second it can create differences that cause unrest and friction. Intelligence denotes how one can effectively work within these two opposites ideologies, emotional responses denote how it leads to fanaticism, despots, greed, degrees of inhumanity, religious killings and other such negative consequences that are borne about with inferior thinking.

From an early age we are taught - or most of us anyway - degrees of manners and morals as to how to hopefully live a better life that respects others and in turn they will similarly (hopefully) do the same, and by and large this actually works well despite crime figures that the press and media love to flout. Some of today's crime figures are in themselves results of a "today society" and the problems of such are not resolved by governments local or national and are in the main left to charities to try and offer some degree of resolution to the problem, again it's the act of kindness stepping in over and above those acts of inhumanity and governmental politics and aloofness. When it comes however to our "own lot" it is a different story, we have to shape and hone ourselves into doing what we want / need to do otherwise it just won't happen. We may need en-route help and assistance in steering our course but that is a symbiotic pathway as people have differing skills and mind sets and abilities and what we lack others are proficient at and so for areas of our lives we come together for help of a service or knowledge so to move forward.Not always is the help we receive saged or good and at times we get sadly let down some times to the point that it's almost counter productive, but we do learn and we do grow and we do then understand far better the bigger picture and that in itself is a great thing in our future stability, even if we still feel hurt by it all, that eventually passes away leaving us feeling proud of how we steered ourselves through it all.

Our mind sets are just so important that if at any stage we  lose our focus then we lose our ability to move forward and importantly enjoy life. We can still be nervous about our pathway AND still enjoy life, never ever equate happiness to wealth, success, material effects, health, friends, etc, happiness is what you deem is about you not what others have or do, even if they give you degrees of happiness also. If we suddenly put our happiness ahead of us banking on something we then enter the stage of "postponing happiness" and then we get into a negative rut that is at times very difficult to pull out of. We should at all times also respect ourselves and not bring ourselves down in the presence of others, we have every right to enjoy what is best for us and that's not to trample over others nor be mean or selfish nor anything like that but we have to be in the fore front to get on the train of life and not be left standing at the station. We can still have humility and love and understanding and compassion yet show drive and determination and vigour and forthrightness in what we do, otherwise things will never get done. There will always be in ones pathway in life those that get upset and are evil minded and arrogant and jealous etc, but living true to ourselves and doing what is right well overcomes such people and many of those people could be in your own family too.  

Where something is good and positive and has "you" stamped all over it, go for it, never get advice or listen to those who have less of an aspiration than your own, they will forever pull you down and that does include your family. Keep quite and reserved until you are in a strong position to mention whatever it is then cautiously as it will spark off a flurry of negativity at first even if it all sounds good. Be the person you are and never ever what someone else wants you to be for whatever reason. You are always more comfortable in your skin than trying to be a facade of someone else no matter how much you admire them, they have faults to so don't emulate that aspect. Don't ever listen to negativity or believe you can't, success is those that believe they can and do even if it takes a few tries, and most successful people have failed in their original attempt yet overcome to great success. Failure is NOT a bad word except for those who never try, those that have tried will praise you and rightly so. There are no limits even those you feared yourself you break them then forge ahead, do whatever you feel you need to even breaking those barriers that you fear yet know you have to do, it's those inner voices saying "yes you can" just go for it, whatever it happens to be. And never ever be afraid of saying NO, it can be difficult but if you don't want to don't, even if those bombastic others try and blackmail you into making you feel guilty, whose life are you living. They are selfishly minded trying to get their own way for them not you. Do what is best for you and enjoy the ride because in that way others will enjoy the ride with you, and that's something to be proud about.

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