Sunday 15 January 2012


It's no big deal to say we have all done stupid or silly things, we start at an early age when we know no better and our minds are still very immature and feisty. We do a whole range of deeds and acts of which we either know nothing of the subsequent consequences nor of any repercussions as the deeds are in a way quite fun and possible even for our tiny minds well thought out. We can get away with such acts when we are very young and even be looked upon with great tenderness and love too from our protective parents even if we have made a mess with paints and lipsticks and crayons and the like. Making mistakes is a part of life, it's how we constantly grow and it runs through our whole society even to present day companies and especially in research and development where at times they just try stuff for the sake of it to physically see what the results are, which is 100% better than a theory. It's at times when one deliberately goes out of the box and tries something that whilst the result may be of no value the side effects can be of great or immense value and that's when life really starts to get interesting.

Our internal gyroscope the "mind bit" that keeps us on the straight and narrow is very robust yet at the same time fragile in that if we feed it with false or indeed information that is potent and negative then it is not going to do its job properly. The result of which is that we are going to be somewhat destabilised and compromised and our logical thoughts will become as two distinctive views on aspects of life, one which is the "regular" view and one which is now concocted by negative emotions, and this is the avenue that causes us to do silly things or even stupid things in life. It affects most people and it's a way of asserting who they are (although there is no need for this, again it's an internal thought doing this) and also at the same time getting noticed (and again there is no need for this either) hence doing silly or stupid things regardless of the consequences. Although both of these can just result in an outburst of emotion and then it's all over. The degree of silliness or stupidity determines the damage done and to some extent the subsequent regret and even worse remorse that it has affected others and all backfired to enormous embarrassment, sometimes with legal consequences.

We have within us "mind talk" and we use it more and more often, it's when we talk to ourselves and discuss events and situations, sometimes its silent other times it's even mumbling to ourselves, and no we are not going mad, it's natural. It's at times we need to speak openly about something just to get it off of our chest but don't really want to pour our heart out to anyone and say what we really want to say, so talking to ourselves gets over that situation. At times when life takes on a certain stance we are almost caught up in a scenario where logic doesn't comfort us, there's an element missing and it's that element that really gets us down, not necessarily to make us unhappy but it causes a degree of consternation that we need to vent and in doing so we do silly things or stupid things and go further to get a degree of personal satisfaction that we still can't understand but the 'devilment' of it makes us feel good.

In reality we could have everything we want, we could "tick all the boxes" we could be well known, wealthy, good health, nice family, got the good life, yet still feel subjected to being "under valued" or whatever that feeling is to yourself and it can vary substantially. But there is a definite feeling that could be both simple and complex at the same time underlying all of that.  Similarly, we could be quite the opposite to all of those things and yet still feel the need to quench whatever it is within that's not resonating well to come to fruition, and to compensate we do again silly or stupid things. There are of course over and above all these feelings and scenarios real medical problems that some suffer from which can to a degree run concurrently with each other, the medical problems however having a longer pathway and thus need attention. But fortunately for most people their short lived feelings once they understand them dissipate and rarely if ever come back. Some examples are shop lifting and it could be very cheap and insignificant products, but the thrill of getting away with it etc, is at times a drug that tends to overcome the inner feelings of the self and recompense for same. If it becomes substantial and the stakes are constantly raised and it becomes frequent then you are probably a kleptomaniac and would know that there is a constant urge to steal, which is what it is, and then you must seek help for your own good. There are many silly and stupid things you can do all devised within your own mind some deliberately like filling up diesel in your petrol tank as if by mistake then having to call out the motor services to flush your engine, it's all contrived, and limited only to your imagination it's endless and astounding too.

The feelings that many get are very real to them, they do pose a significant inner thought that they can't really tell anyone about as it's so personal and the fear that others wouldn't understand is not to be underestimated, people generally don't even if they profess to do so. The more in the public eye people tend to be the bigger the problem seems to be also, and of course it has its adverse publicity when found out. But even for everyday people the feeling that there must be something else that they need or haven't quite got not necessarily the physical but emotional where most problems start, forces them to make moves which often in hindsight they would wish to forget for shame or embarrassment of the judgement of others who shouldn't judge but don't know any better nor understand. It's often this end ridicule and feeling that rids many of their initial feelings but it's a tortuous route to embark upon and can be solved prior to the desperate moves no matter how slight they may be.

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