Wednesday 10 November 2010


We all have views about what is normal and what isn’t and by and large we share many views concurrently on the same subject , we have ideas and feelings as to what is acceptable, and if anything veers from the norm then we trawl in an instant in our minds as to why and apportion it down to whatever it is that such a person did such a thing, sometimes we are at a loss as to finding that answer. But through time what was once a shameful thing is no longer, illegitimate children are no longer seen as anything other than young children without a father, divorce which was once scandalous too is all part of the ‘norm’ today which it shouldn’t really be even if it’s an inevitable step for some. Normalising many aspects of life takes the stigma out of the deed or situation which is in many cases good as there is usually an innocent party that is a circumstance rather than the perpetrator of their circumstance, such as in illegitimacy. Marriage should be for life, but that especially in the media is “fair game” when it comes to everything that can go wrong does, and celebrities bring it on themselves. Even Islamic terrorism from the people that should practise “Love And Tolerance” is almost acceptable in that “Islamophobia has crept into the language which wasn’t there once and there wasn’t such a word, and as terrorism is 98% Islamic one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand why.

The way people get on with each other and the degree of tollerance we have enables us to meet with a whole range of people and muster through, taking people as they are the good, the bad and the indifferent, we know what we have to do for what reason, so for the grater part in life we just get on with it. Passing comment we may do but again for the major part we just accept that some of our meetings weren’t as we would have liked, but it’s all history and we have moved forward. Years ago the commonality of courtesy was far better than it is today, even if other aspects of life weren’t as acceptable as there has become an integration of many cultures and ethnicities etc, the status has changed, some cultures are outgoing others still backward thinking and culturally crippling in some circumstances. What was normal pre such times has by default changed and life has changed too. The advent of new failures was never as evident as we now have “politically correct” people who are by their own hand are sub-humans and a burden on everyone.

What’s normal for one person or society is often far from normal for another, it’s our understanding that gets us through. Protocols in one country can differ substantially also from country to country but by and large if you are a “foreigner” in that country you are usually exempt from the nuances and sometimes potentially insulting gestures as humanity accepts variances from those who are not expected to know. The most stringent and two faced societies predominantly Islamic countries where life always lags behind except for arms deals and nuclear advancement and are prone to a stringency often covering up their own gross indecencies never reported or allowed to become public because they censor everything. But fortunately for the many that don’t have to rely on state diktat, to behave ’normality’ is often ones own individuality whatever that is, and it encompasses a whole range of moods, styles, shapes, formats, ideologies and the like, subliminally helping create a growth and desire to move forward , whereas as closed societies are always beggars relying on others for advancement which they procure or emulate or steal. Art, design, development, progress, discovery comes out of ‘breaking with the norm’ it has to by its own definition and as such the levels or ‘normality’ take on a meaning and life all of their own.

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