Thursday, 5 July 2012


At times in life a darkness seems to overtake us to the extent it subliminally alters our views, perceptions , feelings, outlook and degrees of positivity that we once thought was a strength that we had within. It's only a feeling regardless of the reality of circumstances and not those of perceived circumstances, and although it all may appear very real our thoughts pertaining to our feelings are created within our minds. When we take off on a plane we often go through cloud, rain, snow, etc, only to find a few minutes into the flight all has changed and there is bright sun or if at night clear views of the stars and moon. Life is exactly like that, the clouds that tend to darken our lives are but temporary and we need to understand that troubles never last forever neither does the happiness that we enjoy although it doesn't mean that the happiness will not return to something much better.  It's just that everything in life has a "shelf life" and we need to work to that premise. Knowing that we have the impetus to work for those moments when it all changes which could be as short as a few days or as long as a few months, never the less in between awaiting these breaks in the cloud we have to enjoy life and not endure it. We are the masters of our own body and mind and thus we have to do the best to respect that and not concede nor acquiesce to circumstances that are subject to change at a minutes notice.
Today we have a name for everything, like "None Eventful Progress" - you are bored, nothing more nothing less, yet all of a sudden because old fashioned boredom has been given a modern title someone somewhere will feel that they are suffering from it, and worse still some politically correct moron will take it seriously and now what has developed is a scenario that should never ever have existed. Mild depression is not uncommon but by no means a block or excuse  not to do anything unless you make it so. The more we pamper ourselves the worse life gets which is not the same as taking care of yourself. One finds all the successful people regardless of what they do etc, just get up and go for it, whereas those that don't get anywhere are just full of perpetual excuses as to why they can't or didn't or haven't or whatever it is they have conjured up. Most people who have experienced that "down" feeling and just received some good news snap out of it most immediately, such is the power of the mind. We must never underestimate ourselves, because if we feel down or low we lose the ability to see opportunity and that then is a very big negative aspect of life, not seeing potential, fun, happiness, laughter, etc.

We need every day of our lives to start it on a positive note regardless of the dexterity that we may need to just psych ourselves up for if we dwell on what's happening as opposed to ourselves and getting out of it then we will become the problem and not the solution. We are all different and react in different ways and even have different backgrounds and views on identical problems etc, but what is common to all are the self same feelings of lowness and that is the key problem itself, for where lowness exists so does the 'get out' solution too. We need to surround ourselves no matter who we are or where we are with positive people - no exceptions, they are the ones who are going to radiate the positive energy that you are going to fuel recovery upon and in turn reverse feed back energy to those around you too. Dark Clouds happen to anyone, sometimes they are very dark indeed and can render the self moribund and cast doubt as to any hope or indeed chance as to a way out, but clouds are but temporary and our efforts no matter what they are will force though that little glimmer of light that we all pick up on in an instant. The verve that the average human being possesses is astounding, however our mind which processes all of our body movements and thoughts needs to be updated like our computer software in order to maximise our potential and utilise full power not some sort of diluted strategy that leads nowhere.  
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