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Enjoying life for many seems an illusive trail, there permanently appears to be a disengagement with that on-going feeling of enjoyment where everything seems to have an up or a down motion with little in between. It's not that for many life is bad or it doesn't have quality either, it's all a very personal thing that is deep within and only engaged from time to time with regards real heart felt 'gut rendering' fun. The rest of the time it's more like fitting pieces together to make the "whole one" but somehow that "whole one" keeps moving and there aren't enough pieces to complete the picture. No matter where we reside in life there are always going to be problems, if we were financially poor then suddenly we inherited great wealth our problems wouldn't stop, they just shift to a different location and our mind then gets back on to the "reset button" and familiar conversations of "if I could just have this fixed then" and so on and so forth. It's a case of the carrot and the donkey, perfection and our vision of great contentment is always just that step ahead, and it always will be. Happiness is within us, it lies nowhere else, it's not in self help books or books on motivation or in courses or classes, it's with us right now, the only thing that perhaps stops one from accessing it is our eternal excuses. Hypothesising about life or even worse intellectualising about life wrecks creativity from the bottom upwards. Once one starts to intellectualise about anything creatively it disengages and future plans become mind toys and nothing else, hence many academics are dull and at times distant no matter how brilliant they may be at their chosen subject.

Many people go around with that often dazed or slightly vacant look, as if consumed almost all the time in their thoughts, a bit like those who listen to their iPods 24/7, almost disengaged from life and subsumed in a world of audible uplift and not quite aware of the nuances of life around them. The exclamations that people come up with who are not self propelled when starting conversations tend to be those of a 'sigh' as if to punctuate what's to follow, or a slight hollow laugh as if "you don't really want to hear what I have to say" (and we don't) so the preceding conversation is mellowed out and somewhat contrived, even if accurate in delivery. The fact that there has been a punctuated start by a designer expression is often more than enough to relive what was to have been said or maybe left to another time with another person when the audience could be more receptive. The problem is getting worse, where people are fed with media negativity, governmental threats of severe problems ahead, slightly cushioned by the fact they they say they are doing their best to help everyone at the same time, it's all a pack of lies as they haven't a clue as to what's going to happen anymore than sheer guesswork gets it right.

Most people who have a good relationship pull through, they share their commitment and just do the best they can enjoying the love and camaraderie. The singles who are under 30 have a future by and large and thus keep themselves entertained. Those 30+ and single for them it's a different ball game as the future looms large and unless they enjoy a good stipend have little to offer anyone but their self crankiness and stilted views on life, huddled in either excuses or devised theories that have little substance other than their own perceptions which they have based their total conjecture upon, and won't be moved from it either. Anything that takes our mind off of what is expedient and correctly focused tarnishes subliminally our view ahead, sometimes unnoticed but never the less the accuracy of the future and our potential is degraded to a definable extent and thus we lose our edge.

The happiness and future of many whether employed, unemployed or just dazed with negative future possibilities is forever increasing. The quest for inner solace, happiness and contentment is fragmented into a temple of discretionary hopes and unsubstantiated dreams that wax and wain frequently thus causing much unrest and a lack of solidity of the inner self. Living for the moment is fine but most people need to feel there is somewhere to step into for without that their own resolve diminishes and their whole mind set goes with it firing at a reduced rate which they know renders them under par for what they need to excel at in going forward. It's always going to be those that have a "bigger picture" view that will really enjoy life even if their foresight looms large with unpleasant events, which are already on the cards.  Listening to one's inner self helps enormously and not being a party to hypothetical rhetoric is essential for once one follows the end is in sight and there's no turning back for the many. Be at peace with life even the atrocities and world events, heightened punctuated emotions will lead you into a bottomless pit which strips life and negates the soul, something which is really not worth considering, don't allow self emotional effects be your downfall.

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