Tuesday 22 November 2011


Wouldn't our lives be so much better if we could just control the word "If", that we could harness the potential it gives us to reach new standards, a better life, a more balanced outlook, to stop poverty and suffering and for our friends and family to be just so wholesome. But sadly we can only dream about what "If" can do, even if at times what we seek actually comes to fruition, not by magic but by circumstances aligning themselves at a certain time line. "If " is a word we so often use and whilst only two letters long it holds many connotations and permutations pertaining to our own abilities and our thoughts. "If" is not wishful thinking, and it's not a derivative of hope either, it's a product of our own mind and the plans we have or wish to create based upon circumstances at some future date, thus in all reality we have a high degree of maneuverability within it. "If" gives us options, it allows alternatives and it gives credence and strength to back up plans when events or conditions alter beyond what we had allowed for. The unfortunate aspect however of "If" is that it can allow us to float away into realms of fantasy if we are not careful and bank on extreme possibilities as a possibility to alter our current mind sets, such as winning the lottery and removing our current financial restrictions or our health, etc. The chances are stacked way against us from the start to winning the lottery, concrete thoughts utilising "If" as a conduit to our goals are almost akin to fantasy.

On a more domestic level we plan our summer bar-b-q accordingly "If" it's fine we bar-b-q outside as planned, "If" it rains we eat in, based upon those criteria we are ready for almost anything to enjoy ourselves regardless of external conditions, utilising "If" as an alternative and a conjunctive between variable circumstances. What many do however is hypothesize to a degree that they get carried away and start interjecting "If" in almost every other sentence and that in itself lends to the mind almost going 'awal' or taking leave of actualities and thus edging nearer and nearer towards failure, even if it all sounds rather grand. "If" I win this I'll do this and that, and then I'll get this and that, then I can go there and I can get this, and suddenly a conversation whether internally sprung or voiced has built up an empire of possibilities based purely on the first and possibly only "If" in the sentence. What one finds is that "If" by chance the original "If" ever came to fruition the rest would not be enacted as planned because reality has more conditions and permutations than fantasy either directly or  via deliberate daydreaming.

It's so important to ground conversations especially in marketing terms or in forward planning because  "If" can literally remove real grounding and cause both dourness and disappointment and a dowdy feeling within. Nothing wrong with getting carried away and exercising mind thought, but when life isn't so good, "If" can make it even worse because it implies conditions many of which are circumstantial and way out of one's own domain and control. Of course strategies often use "If" in the equation to see what sort or type of permutations would or could be available extrapolating information and stringing it along together to see where it leads and any consequences financial or otherwise could take shape. Super computers do this all the time, and often come up with amazing results. But for mere mortals with less mind power it's always prudent to seek life from a real aspect even if it's fun to 'let go' and see potential a times. There is a difference between "out of the box" thinking and "If", out of the box thinkers see an advancement utilising real values that can be enhanced, modified, or literally 'stretched' in their usage without any degree of fantasy or ideology, which is why ' real 'out of the box' thinkers are priceless to companies to progress further. Unfortunately many "out of the box" thinkers in large corporations are processed to comply with extraneous "corporate detritus as deemed by whoever" and thus it literally negates their true potential.

When next using the word "If" see where it is to lead, because in your mind you may have an idea and a clear thought process forward, others may not and thus misconstrue what you are trying to say or do or at times completely not even see where you are heading or what you are eluding to, even if they get the gist of the conversation.

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