Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Regardless of what we aspire to, or how we would "ideally" like life to be we have to face up to the fact that whatever is in front of us is going to be interspersed with some degree of mayhem, even if it's just a temporary setback. There's our daily life, the life that we live whether we do anything or not, and the life we make some sort of effort in to go where we would like to go and not where life takes us by default. We are all different and many are prepared to settle for what they feel comfortable with, and the pressure level at which they are also comfortable with too. Unfortunately today people often aspire to jobs and salaries outside of their area of capability and then feign stress and all sorts of things which is pathetic and rubbish, when they can't cope.  Making what we want out of life, and reasonably too, is what will give us that feeling of accomplishment, and that's a very personal feeling and thought, not something made up by the lame ducks in the media or anyone else. If what we have enables us to attain at least something towards our goals in life that's an accomplishment, not what coaches, books, TV programmes deem is what has to happen, you live your life not theirs, nor they live yours. What help or assistance you seek is something else, but the bottom line is you have to do what you need to do at your level and not a dramatised yet potted version for television that misses out more that it shows.

We don't have to be gregarious or outgoing to "make it happen" indeed there are many dull nerds walking around who have developed and produced whatever their product is who nobody knows of and who are very wealthy because of that fact. It's not a "celebrity" success market, what you have is what is going to carry you forward, although there are no guarantees that it will ever happen, but with the right frame of mind it is never the less a possibility and one that can be exploited. The bottom line with everything is are you a "mover and a shaker" or are you a "plodder and a follower" because if you are the latter then already your chances of going forward are lessened considerably, degrees of success will be mainly mind thoughts by the self. Society today is unfortunately governed for many by hype and hollow adjuncts pertaining to what some faceless moron deems as success or good or great or whatever, and in reality they have no credentials nor positioning to state such things other than it's of a personal opinion, and whilst it may sound good if that person died overnight the they would not be missed such is the strength of what they have to say.

Whether your aspirations are to run a cottage industry from home, be a tycoon of some sort, writer of your chosen subject, whatever, it's a very personal thing and not the subject of others' comments or thoughts, they can do what they want to do and move forward also. If how you are living is basically pressing all the right buttons already, then don't let the mind allow it to take you away from that thought just for the sake that you feel you need to make a point, you don't, you are fine just the way you are. So many people fail when they "have a go" but haven't the ability to push forward themselves. There are no conditions nor ground rules for life, it is what it is, it's often ourselves that creates "fictitious" rules based upon what others have done that thwarts our way forward or worse still we give credence to people we don't know thinking they know best, when it's often not true. If what you feel deep down is not unduly ruffled by life then don't change for the sake of it, if what you feel needs changing then that's the motive to make a move.

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