Thursday, 28 October 2010


Control, control, control, control, governments like control, local councils like to control, companies like to control, lawyers love control, accountants need control, families fall out over it, and at the end of the line is us. Who and what do we control, do we in fact control ourselves or are we a product of our environment, surroundings, the media, our friends and family or worse still a legacy product of an old defunct and outmoded cultural past that has no place in today's society, especially if you are the second, third or fourth generation from an immigrant family where historical traditions in your new land of birth have no truck whatsoever other than for cosmetic and sentimental reasons. There's more falling out over "my culture" issues where it's all fabricated than anything else. The trouble with control is that it leads to selfishness, despot control, fanaticism, regression, idolatry, stunted growth, failure, repression, segregation, self isolation and a general demise in humanity, which has the effect of an an unhappy breed of person where terrorism and fraction groups thrive because they see no alternative to living under a regime, which after all is only controlled by fellow human beings, nothing more superior.

Religions can be evil players too, trying to "hold on" to their flock one way or another even though what you believe is very personal and at the end of the day it's still between you and God and not some organisation or self appointed spiritual leader. Ironically, both agnostics and atheists can be quite violent in their views on not believing and even have psychological problems in coming to terms with a nothingness in life, especially the words 'love' which they tend to mock, even though they know the meaning of it, it's the 'feel' they often can't own or access it proficiently. The "Elastic Effect" is very real, it breeds in families who become over protective and even neurotic in their thoughts and outlook towards life and all the hidden dangers that are there, concentrating so heavily on such that they miss all the positive aspects and opportunities then wonder why life isn't that fair or good, yet it's they who have caused their own downfall. We are as free as we want to be, having travelled around the world endless times visiting entire continents freedom is something that one notices and sees from afar. Having slept in jungles, deserts, private yachts, aircraft, igloos, being shot at, ambushed, stranded, arrested, and all points in between and observed those around it's often people themselves that keep themselves held back rather than societies in general. Notably in staunch Islamic societies that are forever backward because they are more interested in controlling the masses than allowing them to evolve.

Our own inhibitions strengthen our ties with abstract elements of life, "what will they say" (whoever they are), "What will people think",  "if I do this they will get upset", or the stance today of why don't things go my way, which is really an adjunct to laziness, lack of ability, stunted foresight, and an illusion that you are better than you are. Staying power is a prime cause of success for many as is a positive mind, not falling foul of what others think and say so allowing yourself the freedom of your own strength and ability to flourish. Taking advice from positive minded people is the only way forward, one should never ask advise from anyone who has aspirations less than your own, otherwise you will only get a response full of their inhibitions, fears, negativity and failure. Why we do or don't certain things in life is down to us, however self created strings or elastic threads that are forever holding us from that point of success are manifested within our minds, nowhere else, cut the chords and set yourself free.

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