Friday, 29 October 2010


There is almost an epidemic of social websites emerging covering just about every aspect of social activity graded by sex, age, social level, intelligence (or lack of it), education, and anything else that one can throw into the arena. It’s interesting to see how many individuals are starting up their own Social Sites too as the technology, Internet blue prints and methodology are all there for just the asking or taking, and can be custom made from the vast array of mix n’ match templates on offer by the respective Internet software houses. With the exception of the notable main entrants into the market and their phenomenal growth, there are dozens of start ups every day trying to emulate the same and reap the rich rewards, sadly or possibly not, most will fail as their greed has precluded the kudos of what simplicity started the whole ball rolling, the ‘me too’s’ wanting to be everything to everyone and that never works as one is reduced to a status of nothingness in someone else’s bigger picture. The bottom line however in all of the social networks are contacts, and contacts for different purposes. People like to commune, the young are now communing with “friends” (read acquaintances) all over the place, sharing information, getting upset, getting rejected, finding new friends, dumping old ones, moving on, growing up, and so it all goes on, talking from behind the fence and in a language that would make them stumble and get flustered and possibly embarrassed in face to face contact situations. In business too there are social network sites, almost akin to desperate people trying to sell their wares or seek information for free because in reality most are small time failures with big time aspirations. Very few successful people are on such sites, why would they need to spend time on such when they are already busy making pots of real money with real people and not having to find Internet marketing gimmick’s to lure the available on-line dross into a scenario where money can hopefully be extracted from them. One only has to read the blog content to see their “overview” mentality, nothing to do with education, just to see the the mind sets that range from pedestrian to insular to aspiring, but most go no further, all still hoping to pick up the free tips from others on the site so that they too can make the grade. It rarely happens, even those pleased at what they have learnt haven’t that entrepreneurial streak to step out and go big time, real entrepreneurs already have that zeal within them.

I joined one site and within 12 hours the top tier members launched upon me like a pack of whores on a street corner, obviously ‘newbie flagging up’ on their profile pages, all trying to sell this, get that, take this, introduce me to this, want me to buy that, all designed to make me rich and wildly successful in next to no time, one wonders why it hasn’t worked for them or is all this just a game for them for something to do in their spare time. There’s something that’s interesting about communicating with those who have time to sit on the net and tout for business, and this works well for some, but for many it’s a habit of potential only and it’s the little bites that keep the excitement going for those larger bites that are desperately hoped for. Networking is good, but there is networking and networking, and many networking events are full of takers and few givers, everyone wanting something or wanting to sell something and few on the giving and receiving end, the word “Free” subliminally percolating in the air, i.e. ‘what can I get for nothing”. Many events are by their nature downbeat even if well attended. We all like to do well, we all deserve to do well, whatever we have in mind, however life dictates that it isn’t going to happen to everyone, never the less second, third or even fourth base can be richly rewarding and satisfying. For many social activity on the Internet can be more akin to an emotional interaction whether it be business or just social, more so for women as they are generally more social creatures than men. Never the less much ’sparring’ goes on like it does with hens asserting their territory. A lot of smart conversations, narrow personal opinions, nuances of intellect, snippets of information, endless quotes from anyone who has said anything as if it’s so profound it will change life on earth in a flash, what all these things lack is originality. What all these things lack is that WOW factor, which is why so many people of like minds huddle around together knowing that the difference between themselves is minimal and thus aren’t going to feel too out of place. The real entrepreneurs are nowhere to be seen.

It’s not wrong to want to do well nor get ahead, it’s not wrong to aspire and it’s not wrong to have a yearning to do something for yourself either, the route to all these aspirations becoming a possibility or even an eventuality is wide, where many get lost is that they have a modicum of entrepreneurialism within themselves but not quite enough to break free as a true entrepreneur would do, as much of an entrepreneur’s ability is inherent, it’s a feel within, it fuels their ability to see beyond the humdrum and the masses of exchanged information, they have a vision that’s already loaded with positive insights and abilities. Further down the food chain are those who feel the need to commune and exchange notes, facts and figures and there’s no doubt that this does help many people, usually more by default than design. Born leaders are just that, those that are good at leading often need top ups to enhance or expand what they already have knowledge in, and those one step further down, well like many people are forever going on courses for this n’ that n’ something else, and whilst they may take it all on board like many is the psycho… whatever / coaching business are only as good as the last book they have read. Many people on the social networking sites are evolving in an elliptical manner as opposed to something more straight and vertical, there is a degree of social separation and few seem to get it, making contacts is admirable it’s the banter en-route that is just so telling of what backs up their abilities, business intentions and personalities, or lack of such as is often the case. People are people, they get used to repetitive scenarios where potential exists on paper but in reality no one lets go, meanness is a streak that often jealousy, greed, envy, (the negative emotions) fuels up. However if one has the “bigger picture” in sight, not just one’s idea of “what I’d like life to be like” and there is a massive difference there, then potential not only exists it offers itself to you.

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