Sunday, 24 October 2010


It’s all coming to the boil, religions are clambering for credibility, what does each and every God do for their followers, the answer is nothing, maybe give false hope but physically nothing. The religious intellectuals will wax lyrical about why and what for but have no connection with their God whatsoever, if indeed their God exists. If God is pure love, and God in any religion / language is pure unconditional love (repeat unconditional) then why are so many followers suffering on the planet, especially Muslims who seem to encounter more disasters, more troubles, more upheavals, as well as in many cases creating them than anyone else. Even atheists and agnostics have a better life than the vast majority that follow Islam who are racked with internal fear and restrictions. All followers no matter what they believe fall into the category of when something goes well or is good it’s “God’s will”, and when it all falls apart it’s God wanting to punish them, but that’s all stupid narrow talk, and shows a complete lack of faith and knowledge about God, which ever one you subscribe to. The preachers are all raising their game as life becomes more turbulent, but the bottom line is that all preachers are in themselves losing the plot, especially the devout and intellectual as well as the fanatical ones, as they are in themselves fearing the change that is taking place. That fear is killing them inwardly and their ability to believe, despite what they say or “tentatively believe”, tentatively because they don’t honestly know!!! Another great truth is that God who bestows unconditional love, which means if you are a drug offender, prostitute or mass murderer, gay, banker, lawyer, etc, He still loves you, because that’s what “unconditional” means, (Muslim families nearly all fail here as love to them is conditional), God may not be happy but never the less He still loves you, no discussion, He does. This aspect of unconditional love is something that priests, imams, rabbis, etc, can’t get to grips with, they know it but they need to feel they have some credential in order to tell everyone not to sin, and give advice and quote spiritual context, but it has lost its impact as they are themselves dying of a religious cancer of their own creation. The big truth is that ALL priests, imams rabbis sin, and there is NOTHING written, spoken or anything else that says that despite how they live they will not go to Hell, as the vast majority probably will. All the priests, rabbis, imams etc, are “self appointed” i.e. God didn’t appoint them, and whilst they may know their own and other religions in fifty different languages backwards that guarantees them nothing when the day or reckoning comes along.

God is a very personal thing, it’s between you and Him, and that’s it, and you don’t need to go to church for absolution or confessions nor anything else, the litmus test is always the same, if you are on a dessert island - then what? Well, the ‘then what’ is exactly the same, it’s all between you and God, not some poncy divisive religious cretin who is full of evil bias and divisive sinfulness, (and most religious sin is given in preaching ill created doctrine - and that’s a “go to hell directly” sin) you have enough of that yourself. Any religion that has excuses within it, saying you must do this n’ that except if you are here or have that is man made stuff, God is far greater than excuses. He is - that’s it, don’t create a job for yourself discussing it. Similarly if you do believe in God then you must believe that God created the Universe and knows all about molecular structures, bio-chemistry, singularity, quantum physics, quasars, atomic and molecular transformations,etc, so do you think eating pork or being frightened of a dog or cat is going to throw God off into a wobbly, because if you do it just shows how narrow, thick, stupid and pathetic your mind really is. Man has created religion and all these narrow ways, no one created God, so all this hyped up doctrine and bias against women and sin and everything else has been written, produced and created by MAN, not God. The restrictions that many religions bring is not that of a loving God, God should help you excel, and not just one or two, but everyone, free from those zealots and despots that control countries and call themselves righteous - that’s almost beyond comprehension. It’s very easy to say God is good if you are healthy and wealthy, but the vast majority of people are not, especially Muslims. The publication Management Issues survey of workforces around the globe found that Muslims have an astounding 80% chance of being less happy than anyone else, even if they are wrong by 50% it’s a staggering figure. The Catholic Church is just as bad pampering themselves around man made doctrine and decisions that have no Godly bearing especially within the “bigger picture” and are the biggest employers of pedophiles on the planet, and it all seems much of a surprise to them even though everyone else knew about it for years and the terrible things that many nuns got up to in children's homes. However Catholics are not isolated in these atrocities, but what it does open up is that “religions” are divisive and kept as “jobs for the boys” even though they may do a lot of good in ancillary areas. If you deal with God and not hide behind Him - and there is a big difference, transparency is a key note, NO religiouss organisation is transparent.

There are about 35,000 registered religions around the world all practising what someone or other has made up and their respective followers believe. Islam accounts for 96% of global terrorism, and the various bodies can’t keep on saying “they don’t represent the average Muslim” when in fact unrest and dissent is almost endemic in some areas, there isn’t a stable Islamic country on the planet, and this can’t be all under a “Loving Compassionate, Understanding, God”, God loves the Devil kills, so if you kill what is the Devil supposed to do, sit back with a glass of champagne and say “I love these Muslim people they are doing my work in making everyone unhappy and killing - great”, love doesn’t kill or mane or hurt or cut off hands or stone people, the Devil does that. Even the government of Saudi Arabia recently was looking for a doctor to literally cripple someone as part of a court vendetta, what kind of people and God does this, and what kind of people are these, what kind of society is this? The mind power of the human being is amazing but if you give it up to others then you have lost out forever in life, you can’t have fear and God together it’s like matter and anti-matter, - zero. If you believe in God then miraculous things can happen, and do for many, but the majority believe in an idolatry and that absolves them from anything good happening other by accident. God gives you “free will” on planet earth so it you do nothing then nothing will happen. The conduit to God is love, so if you don’t have “real” love not just a love facade then you haven’t a hope of even communing with and God whatsoever. Fear and gross selfishness is not love, so many people whilst think they are believers will never ever have any connection with their God, ever, ever, ever, which goes full cycle to show why Islam has the poorest of everything in life, and why many young Muslim students have to leave their own countries to go to the “West” to further their studies free from the tyrants and mentally insane who hold everything back.

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