Tuesday, 5 October 2010


It's easy to forget or overlook the good and pleasant times of the past, negativity has an edge especially if we are disposed to a negative stance on life. The press and media live on negative reporting many of those that contribute have calluses as brains and wouldn't know what a 'good time' was forever seeking the little chinks of imperfection to seize and criticize upon. None of that however is important, what is important is who we are for if we haven't a clue as to who we are and don't understand who we are then we are at a loss as to doing anything at all in life and thus will not receive anything of value either.

There are those who make an effort and look forward and there are those who because they don't do anything hold on to the past as a permanent conversation piece then wonder why life stinks. It's not rocket science and it really does as it were "separate the men from the boys" in every way. The great successes are those who take failure as a part of life and not make it a feature and then become greatly successful, and then there are those who live failure because they make it a subject whereas it's just something that happened in the past and have not totally moved on from such events. Giving life a chance is going forward regardless, residing in pity is well beyond failure it's just being useless in every way and totally selfish, self centred and conceited.

Life isn't a game nor is it a version of what some pathetic author has written in a book to try to explain it, such explanations don't exist, life is what you make it, and how you enjoy it whatever it happens to be life is down to you. Life is not fair or just, so as long as you understand that you have a great chance of overcoming the odds and doing something akin to what you want. Knowledge can be a wonderful tool in moving in any direction you wish, but once you start to intellectualise with that knowledge you start to interact within yourself and at that point you lose contact not only with the outside world, but reality, opportunity and those around you who could help you as they can't read your mind nor do they want to. Letting go is the only way to move forward, if your ship is harboured then the ropes need to be loosened in order for it to move off, it's the self same thing with your life, if you do nothing you can't hope to move forward in any other way. Good 'Attitude' is paramount to not only being positive about moving forward but to how you enjoy the ride, so it's down to the self as to what you get out of life and make the best of whatever it is you have, which at times can be great and at other times not so great.

There are endless opportunities, chances, options and avenues all open to us and good ones too, so it's imperative that we are readily available mentally to accessing these opportunities otherwise they will fly by and become the domain of others who are more receptive. Dwelling on negativity takes our mind off solutions, ways out, good happenings, etc, and we then get even more bogged down in our selfish way of "poor old me". We like to think when things go wrong that we can have another chance or go at what it was we tried to do, and similarly we must give those chances to life also if we are to bathe in the possibilities of far better things happening in all areas of life. Being staid and dull is tantamount to moving backwards, then there is usually nope hope at all. We have to see the optimistic side of everything even if we decide it's not for us, because fostering a judgmental point of view will bring the onset of negativity back into our court which is the last thing we would want.

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