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We all think we deserve the best and why not, we put effort into something and we expect there to be some return for that effort and expended energy. We also expect too that when we ask a question or seek information from a company that is in the public gaze we ought to get a reply of some kind, even if it's possibly not what we anticipated, which is more often than not the case today. There's all too often a Q and A's section which is all the rage and talking to a living soul is almost a luxury. However, is it a luxury anymore? The quality of people one often comes into contact with are very often subject to a real challenge when it comes to communicational skills and degrees of real service orientated mind sets, all too often those one contacts are mediocre to say the least. Dealing with people in the media and publishing as I do one often wonders if there are courses on how not to communicate proficiently or is this just a natural selfish trait for those who seem to work within it. What is in evidence is the deceit and lies that those faceless wonders tell in order to "cherry pick" what they deem expedient and absolve themselves from any responsibility of anyone else other than "what's in it for them".

How many people for whatever reason have been automatically put through to voicemail only to hear "I'm sorry I'm away from my desk at the moment, please leave a message and I'll get back to you shortly". And of course the lying toads never do, not on the first, nor second nor third call, and then they get upset that they keep getting repeat messages. Of course this stems from inept management and there is little control on the ratio of calls to responses, but that doesn't not absolve those who seek a reply getting one, regardless of its quality content. One of the best ways to get over this is to write (far more effective) but email is good too firstly to the person with whom you were wishing to speak to, then copy the MD of the company, the personnel department, senior managers, and anyone else you can rope in saying. "I have now called (whoever) 5 times now, each time their voicemail has said they will call back and they have lied, as they obviously have no intention of doing so. I'm somewhat amazed that your company and managers support this blatant lying on behalf of your company". This is a mild response, you can add whatever you like and really if need be turn up the heat and go to town on how disappointed and unprofessional it not only is that the person you are calling doesn't seem bothered either, etc, but that's all up to you. You can also write to Personnel or HT for it to go on their work record too, that's a big jolt to the system.

It really does work, and DON'T be fobbed off with some pathetic apology either, or some crass statement or PR hype, it's all rubbish, humans want human answers not PR and damage limitation tripe, which should never have happened in the first place. You are not a pathetic soul in life that has to put up with others indifference as they are paid to answer your calls otherwise they should be doing something else. If they are too busy then perhaps they actually can't cope but that's not your concern, you are not a sponge to corporate "sob stories" nor incompetence nor anything substandard either. Whatever the excuse you are not a "mind reader" and your part in what you seek is a reply, don't settle for anything less, and don't be afraid to respond outlining their pathetic excuses either.  Having said that don't make the whole episode a vendetta or anything silly like that or a crusade. Just state your case calmly and without undue emotion, that way you'll stay on top of what you want to say and it will sound far better. But make sure that EVERYONE is copied and that EVERYONE knows. The whole purpose of writing is to get a response from someone in the company that has a mind with some knowledge, and who isn't self obsessed with themselves to deal with customers or anyone else that isn't pivotal in getting them a better position in the company or any false kudos or merit.

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