Monday 16 July 2012


Throughout our lives we have a series of ups and downs, sometimes what we experience is akin to free fall parachuting in that we soar to a dizzy height then drop uncontrollably somewhere that we hadn't bargained for. At times too life as we have been enjoying it comes to an abrupt end leaving us feeling somewhat empty inside and lacking in energy and mental charisma to go forward. Whatever it is we have to move on and move on under our own steam, not allowing others to take us forward by default into their world all of which is based upon their thoughts sometimes it's their thoughts that had cause the rift in the first place. Even if nothing in particular has happened to us, life never stays in the same groove so we need to progress from where we are otherwise we will again by default find that our 'cosy' environment has suddenly come to a big full stop. Our "full stop" however caused isn't fun, it not only turns our world upside down it causes many mind jolts that destabilise whom we are and our thoughts for the future. In the process of restating ourselves and placing our life back on track it can be for all of those around us to a time when they also assess themselves and their relationship with us, often having to make a concerted effort to alter it and the way in which they liaise with us.

It's always good to "up your game" to try better elevate your thoughts and feelings after all if we move on in life and take nothing of  what we have learned then it doesn't bode well for either the future or our stability or happiness. Life is "work in progress" and it's when we are "at one" with ourselves is when we can pick up on the nuances and the tell tale signs that should steer us around what is potentially looming large ahead of us. Following others isn't smart, what may seem like a good idea and worthwhile when others do something does not necessarily translate into us doing it. What emanates from within us is the only expedient step we can take. And whilst we see books on "success", rags to riches, step by step guide to becoming a billionaire, secrets of business, etc, all of which are a good read, the one thing they never ever state is that the difference between the author and the reader is "the time line".  Everything else is parallel and thus circumstances are never the same even if parameters seem identical. If all of these good reads were as they are purported to be we would have streams of wild successes whereas it's the opposite.

Upping our game at any stage is good even if it initially means cutting back or pruning what we have to secure a better base upon which to grow again. Life isn't linear and the "time line" always, always, always introduces aspects of 'now' which makes the theory of much of what we do, see, enact, read invalid even if the modus operandi is the same. It's like following a recipe, if you cook on a cold day or a hot day it can affect the cooking time, yet the recipe gives you the exact minutes. Variances in life can make a world of difference to the result and many people are successful because they hit a "right" moment which excels what they are doing, whilst others who do the very same thing hit a lull and the opposite happens.  Many a multi-national company launches a product which bombs out, only to re-launch it six months later and to takes off. Small businesses often don't have that latitude and the first failure leaves them with a massive debt that often they hardly recover from, but it doesn't mean that their product / service wasn't of excellent merit.

We can however "up our game" at our level, just what we do, say, our presentation, string of friends, etc, all makes a difference to the end result. We have to 'walk the walk' and not just theorise about it, which often happens when you read a book, you get excited and fired up by new ideas and thoughts, yet a week later you are still where you were before even if more knowledgeable. Translation and "time lines" often thwart most people leaving them a little despondent, it shouldn't as diligence has a way of overcoming the temporary set backs and negative periods when little seems to happen. We do control our own mind sets and as such should "bolster our thoughts ourself" by doing so we learn so much about what is around us as opposed to blending into what's around us which takes away our control and numbs our creativity. We evolve, so upping our game steers our course and stops us by default moving in a direction that we hadn't planned. In life there is much to have, over and above those areas of what we would like, but if we only adhere to "what we would like" we miss out on the possibilities and permutations that we hadn't even thought of or been privy to know. Allow the bigger picture to enter into your life and see what a vast difference it can make.

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