Sunday 8 July 2012


We all have a fear of something even if it doesn't anymore 'rattle our cage' like it used to, maturity has a way of softening the blows in life to a large extent. Fear can present itself in many ways sometimes one can just have a fear of living in a certain country which is oppressive or in a somewhat 'narrow' household or sect, it can in fact be anything that's too restrictive. No one has the right to control another an if you allow your religion to control you - you are finished as has already been born out in those religiously controlled countries of today where everything takes a backward step in life and progress is a dirty word. Of course when you control you have little if no love within you at all, and where there is a void of love deceit, corruption, greed, devastation, stagnation, poverty, unhappiness and ultimately failure is but the sum total of what their worth is. Fear can be psychological, spiders. open places, the darkness, and whatever it is that manifests itself within you. It can be the fear of failure or being inadequate, it can be the fear of something new that for many is a hell in the making, whilst others see it as an endless area of opportunity, fear is but a mind construct.

The love walk, that is a way of life that sees the good in everything whilst not negating the bad, it doesn't offend nor take offence, it isn't judgemental, although still free to form an opinion, it doesn't want to cause harm to score points, and it doesn't want to mentally belittle nor put people down to make the self feel good. It similarly doesn't follow celebrities nor others of a hollow disposition whilst it sees the possible qualities they have within them as human beings and the unfortunate failings which the press seem to revel in too. The love walk promotes health, happiness and a direction free from others ideas who may wish to impart on you for their good either by deed or in a financial way for their gain. It promotes a freedom that frightens dictators and unleashes the bonds that cause subservience and the ties that many self impose for lack of direction and personal respect. It's a strength that needs no others nor excuses nor lies or subterfuge which those in imperious positions need to survive. It cuts through corporate deceit, it shuns media lies, it breaks those who impart self importance as a false means of covering up their own failings, and it drives a hard bargain towards those that deploy unfairness to gain ground for self greed. The penalty for loss of love is by its own volition is death by and suffering for the many.

None of us are perfect, we have downfalls, we come into situations that hinder our way forward, we too come across as recipients of unfairness and greed by others, and we get temporarily thwarted by the 'gatekeepers' in life, those again who take it on themselves to select of which very few have any credentials as to seeing the bigger picture. Positive people have a love walk, genuine positive people that is, not the so called "happy people" who put on a facade like the New Age or many Coaches who talk the talk but have yet to find the walk and who are if you listen carefully still finding themselves. The strength we need to soldier on against at times a back drop of contrived negativity and a world created by evil religions and those that seek greed as a God of their following crumbles with love as a base. We too overcome the negativity that so many absorb like a sponge until they become actually saturated with "stuff" that is not of their making and that's the time they themselves become ill both physically and mentally. Mental health and a feeling of helplessness for many in the West is a recurring condition, for those in the Middle East it's an endless torment that will not be resolved for many years to come. You have a choice as to where your love walk goes, only you can make love an aspect of your life regardless of circumstances and conditions, it is a choice. 
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