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If we lose the plot then absolutely nothing in life has a positive value, so our thoughts and dreams and aspirations, our possessions and our friends and family have little value as we can't assimilate them into our world of confusion. We know they exist, we know fun from not having fun yet none of it has a shape and feel that we can equate to anymore, they are just feelings with names that we know of of a past era. The present is a woolly maze of robotic deeds and the future isn't just worth thinking about as stepping from today into tomorrow is a feat of dexterity all of its own, without problems arising en-route. Yet as important as mental stability is and taking care of our minds there's very little if anything around to assist us in that respect. There's quite a bit of support at hand when it all goes wrong but little before, and prevention is far better than cure. Companies don't help when managers become bullies, when office leaders become little Hitlers and where area managers start lashing the whip to make quarter results, in all too often that whole departments muddle through from quarter to quarter with little in the way of happy personnel. And whilst company courses are fine the content rarely lasts that long  before it melds back into "old ways" and as staff leave then it fizzles out almost completely, even though personnel and managers feel smug that they were once pro-active, but you can't live on that single thought.

It's not for nothing that happy people, even in relative circumstances are better all round people as they can 'see' the bigger picture and are happy to take ownership and knuckle down when need be to help out or temporarily take over areas just to get the job done. Those that aren't happy stand aside with the attitude "I'm not paid to do that" and as such overall productivity and moral are lessened. It's the same at home where families are predominantly happy anything can be achieved, where there is a tension nothing is achieved and a whole array of minor illnesses and dyfunctionality results from the atmosphere. Children are the most vulnerable when it comes to absorbing negativity as they intrinsically know good from bad and although they themselves may be little "brats" they still feel negative vibes and see such and feel it. As we get older our ability to reason becomes more in evidence even thought at times one wonders with some if there is a brain at all. Never the less if we don't take charge of whom we are we lay ourselves open to absorbing by default aspects of life that mean something to us - and variances of opinion pertaining to those areas and subliminally that can have a marked effect upon us and steer us away from being both happy and stable. Stability can be relative it should be complete without being relative never the less stability is paramount if we are to enjoy our journey through life.

What is mental stability, a number of definitions read that it is "trying to be "normal" when normal doesn't exist"? Yet we all know and understand normal even if it has variances, we succumb to normal, we talk to others about 'normal' regarding people or situations, and we make 'normal' an understood base line that no matter who we are in any part of the world, we know 'normal'. We define experiences as fabulous based upon what normal is, we define unpleasant experiences based upon what we define as 'normal' so it's not that illusive. And when our mental stability isn't what "we" think it should be that's based upon 'normal' too and so we accurately have diagnosed that what we are experiencing isn't what it should be. "Normal" has a latitude that veers from high to low, but within that there is a parameter of comprehension that we understand all too clearly, and even when talking to strangers we can say that "that person isn't normal" and whether they like us or not they perfectly understand. So "normal" isn't illusory it's been around before definitions and screwed up psycho-wafflers tried to pigeon hole it.

We become obese if we plough ourselves with food, one doesn't get fat on fresh air regardless of medical conditions and prescriptions. Similarly we can get bogged down in another reality of created ambiance that's been devised by others to promote sales, feelings, situations, atmospheres, desires, wants, needs, purposes, excitement, alluding to wholeness and acceptance, etc, and so it goes on. If we take on board that we are missing out or we need some of what's on offer to make ourselves better then we are also creating a world of self desired feelings, and when those can't be fulfilled, that's when we become unstuck.There are other mitigating factors of course families that have put you down or are lacking in self confidence and many other areas, but we usually know these areas as they are self evident in our daily lives and we thus steer our course to try and avoid conflicts or areas that we don't cope too well in, although that also doesn't mean that we may suffer from instability, quite the opposite. Knowing our weaknesses is a strength.

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