Sunday 23 October 2011


Education and knowledge are one thing, putting it all together in a coherent way is another. We can obtain knowledge in the form of a book or a CD or a download but unless it has some purpose or a place to park itself it's just something of potential nothing more. There are many academics who are incredibly learned but have the charisma of dog food, they look and sound dull, have little in the way of communicational skills, don't utilise their knowledge for anything else other than their self desire for even more knowledge and just trundle along in life almost as living wallpaper such is their want. There are those who also have an incredible knowledge in a certain field or area of life, little passes them by and as they get older they have accumulated variances on the topic and stories to go with it, yet when it comes to making something out of that vastness of knowledge they are positively downbeat, impotent and almost lost at the prospect of it becoming anything of value other than being proud to know so much of that subject, possibly slightly arrogant too, this being their claim to fame. There's nothing wrong with any of these scenarios at all, we migrate to areas of life that suite us best and mentally can cope with, our individual thoughts on whether such people could or should do better is insignificant, we do what we want and others may have such similar thoughts about us too. Often however as a form of sport such knowledgeable entities will spar with you to try and catch you out on some minor inaccuracy as a form of "one upmanship", it's small minded and banal but that's as far as these mind reclusives venture into life so little else ever touches them, intellectual masturbation is probably the height of their existence.

We are probably familiar with the odd "know all" the person that has a "so called" grasp of knowledge pertaining to a wide range of subjects, often the knowledge isn't that important to daily life such as knowing how your car engine works will not make you a better driver, and so on, or knowing how your digestive system works won't help you eat better, billions of people have managed for centuries without such knowledge. The problem with knowledge is that in the wrong hands it's almost as devastating or indeed stagnating as ignorance, it can be subversive and predictable and negative as knowledge needs to be able to grow and imagination is a crucial aspect to its' utilisation. Many "so called" learned people lack foresight although they have opinions, they often lack creativity as application isn't a strong point, and they lack often communicational skills in allowing what they know to be succinctly spread amongst people of different knowledge levels and for them to understand what's what. Those that are both knowledgeable and have common sense as well as communicational skills are truly gifted, the rest just have an ability no more as that an expert chef, painter, sculptor, writer or any other craftsman. A little knowledge that's put to use is better than an accumulated knowledge that's redundant and sterile and helps no one.

It can at times be intimidating talking to someone who has seemingly huge amounts of learned knowledge, but this is at times only a relative perception, the real truth is often quite the opposite, it's our imagination running overtime and thinking that someone with such knowledge must be eminent in what they do, whereas it's often not so, even if at times they do contribute to the "bigger picture", in themselves they hold no such esteem. Many people with a limited knowledge factor can do remarkably well as they have high degrees of acumen and market / street sense and this gets them to forge ahead with their product / service and produce tangible results. Life is full of conflicting scenarios, ideas, perceptions, thoughts, reasoning's and if we are not careful we can be drawn into conclusions about people and situations that don't exist.There's room for all, and all are needed in their place, it's therefor imperative that we don't undervalue ourselves in light of others or put others on a pedestal at the expense of denigrating what we know. No one is self sufficient and when we are in need of something, doctor, dentist, plumber, electrician, lawyer, accountant, mechanic, fire/police/ambulance services, etc, it really does consolidate the value others have in our lives, and our reliance on such. We expect our water, gas, electricity, sewerage, mobile phones to be there 24/7 and our shops to be crammed full of food, we are in reality but a small cog in a big watch. If the president of our country, the Pope and all the heads of the banking industry died overnight, apart from being a massive press spectacular, which they would love, life would still go on as per normal, indeed there is always someone to take your place, always, especially in commerce, and new ideas are always in short supply. It's better to be a human being than a parrot, it's better to commune with life than live in a cocoon within it, but it's your choice.

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