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It's at times good to air ones views, it gets off your chest once and for all stuff that has come to mind that has a significance with how you think and your views and perceptions of life. It's also subliminally how you are as a person too, and that is probably the part or element of you that materialises in what you say and possibly what you'd rather keep to yourself, even though there's nothing wrong with giving that information out, it's just that it can throw signals about you that could be deemed negative, but that's the way it is. Today in our short lived throw away society of cheap morals, high levels of mental health problems and instability, there are open for all avenues that we take because it gives us some kudos or pleasure (and the type of pleasure is subjective here) in stating our case, its usually because we can and it's available and more open than being cloistered in a closed loop of internal congregants. Facebook and to some extent Twitter and others are the most popular areas of voicing one's opinion publicly, rants can include birthday bashes, general events, personal gripes, world and political comments, views on society at large, our work, or something we feel we can boast about to try and elevate our status somewhat, alternatively we can ramble on about something not so grand and try to solicit sympathy, there are other endless permutations linked to why we do things.

The fact that we do things has a cause, even the writing of this article has a cause, and why some people almost live on social media sites and have endless streams of followers is a cause of personal identity. Loneliness - which doesn't necessarily mean you are on your own is a major cause for people to state their claim to an inclusion on something they want to share even if 99% of people aren't interested nor feel inclined to join in either, it doesn't negate its validity. Women basically are more vociferous and sociable than men in their ability to comment, and it's not without reason that men tend to reply to men's comments and women to women's comments, and although that's a broad statement, it's still generally true. Most women's comments are emotionally based, again a generalism but never the less it falls into a category of emotional content and is written as such, sometimes hiding past events which seem to emerge by default rather than design, a bit like saying bad things but still smiling. Men on the other hand tend to be rather more mechanically minded and comedy driven and not so open about their relationships or past failures, to them it's the past and that's where they can stay, what's happening in the here and now is "their business" and that's it.

If we intellectualise about life or hypothesize about it we will very quickly lose any semblance of romance and desire as well as what love may have been there for us as it will come out as a cold edict with very little quality, a bit like compressing our feelings and possibilities into a bar code to be scanned at any one time. Life is far from a bar code as it evolves daily and the real beauty of life is that it's full of the little nuances that make it so wonderful and special should we allow it all to happen. Pre-determining life and rationalising too much our thoughts at times drags the past into the present which is not very smart nor is it expedient either as it smacks of "unfinished business" that's not really been healed or resolved satisfactorily. Like it or not we do present our credentials to everyone by every word we say, even the most dullest of dull subjects reflects our delivery or ability to interpose our own "watermark" or "hallmark" on diktat and format and how others can read into our conversations and our character. Humour is an excellent constituent part of any conversation even serious topics as it literally instills confidence. Moronic and lifeless an monotone conversations detach the subject and the orator to an extent no one actually knows what or whom to believe and thus the reportage is obliquely disengaging.

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