Sunday, 2 October 2011


For many people today life ahead is an illusive unknown factor that instead of filling them with possibilities weighs heavily with a ponderable drudge that even despite optimism still throws a cold shiver down their spines. Our whole society is changing, it's moving into a new realm of its own than  more than just hard work can accomplish. It's an era that even the relatively perceptive just can't get right in their predictions. Our ability as a race of people - at least in the West - is developing technology at a pace that undermines previously accepted ways of both doing things and communications. Whilst in the third World and Islamic countries the past hangs around to continually haunt them until the inevitability of suffering and condemnation often by their own hand is their only way out of a troubled mind set and country conditions.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and what was good today can be alien in value tomorrow or so science keeps proving itself wrong again and again then bypassing the issues as by the nth time everything is obsolete anyway and no one believes anything or anyone anymore. But more importantly is the state of mental health especially for those in education, learning is good, but when one sees that the numbers of learned people are becoming menial workers it throws a light on to the cultural and established values that are no more. It's almost a free for all where many previously accepted teachers are now the dinosaurs of a past age nearing retirement and tut tutting to themselves, feeling thankful that they either are or will be out of the race very soon. But reality is forever with us, it never leaves and as much as we may wish to avoid or evade issues they firmly remain and take root and one way or another, if we don't acknowledge them they will uproot us and when that happens it's often detrimental.

Facing life ahead affects everyone at every stage of life, for it encompasses illness, finance, relationships, friendships, abilities, and anything else that the ageing process takes under its wing. Life for many even those of fortunate circumstances has a way of pulling the plug when one least expects it. The average person is living longer and that has many implications not only on the individual themselves but on society at large. The global community is widening and resources are always in a catch up stage as priorities are nearly always youth orientated as that's where the future lies for the elderly and in every generation as they are the ones paying taxes. Society will get tougher and the cases of lone mothers fathering endless children from a myriad of fathers will become the real parasites and outcasts of the society, where the value of such activities will be shunned by those that support a breed of child that predominantly has a pre-destined bad start because of the mothers total and utter selfishness. It's not the wealthy or comfortably off that take from society it's those at the bottom end that see everything as fair game and it's almost upheld by social services as an "I have my rights" attitude, but rights to what and at what cost to whom? It's not that "unfortunate" people should not be supported it's the strata above that that have little or few morals about anything.

Most people will make it quite well despite great changes in society and systems to old age, and their route through it all will meld their feelings towards what's best for them as opposed to ideals. But even the "what's best route" can be happy, fulfilled, enjoyable, fruitful and allow the individual to indulge in whatever it is that gives them personal pleasure regarding camaraderie and fellowship with life. Exponential shifts will be common occurrences fostered by real mood and attitude changes of the populous as well as technology. Politicians will be more transient as long term goals will be short term policies as change itself will erode perceptions and grand designs. But the human race are fighters, they are survives, they have survived this far through storms, tempests, wars, insurrections and mental Muslim extremists that rely on Western technology to conduct their dastardly deeds as they haven't the cleverness nor mentality to do it themselves living in a Godless ideology of failure and fear.

The way people will interface with each other will also bring major problems and once the mental unrest of a nation is jeopardised then anything can and will happen like a flash in the pan. Instability is not understood by politicians even though they wax lyrical about it, it's all third hand rhetoric they spew out as if in total control, whereas for many they just can't see the wood for the trees. And as for the poor third world, well in the reality stakes they are just going to get worse and worse as are the natural disasters that will accompany them. The world is in itself changing like a snake shedding its skin, the world is doing likewise 'mother earth' is casting off her tetrenial coat and exposing a less ample sufficiency of what's left. Exciting times for those of a positive disposition, times of dread for the rest, in between are the politicians - life goes on - regardless. 

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