Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Just about everyone knows the difference between good and bad it's instinctive and intuitive, the few that don't are relatively hopeless cases. For the main part deeds of an evil nature such as Islamic Terrorism are self defiant deeds based upon a purely selfishly ideological mind set and is certainly not God driven, if anything it's Devil driven as God promotes the Devil demotes. And for others who subscribes to greed, burglary, armed robbery, cyber  and banking fraud, the culprits know exactly what they are doing no matter how well they try to hide behind loopholes, logistics  debased lawyers and points of law. Criminality is what it is, as is having children to receive "state benefits" and nothing more. Divisive aspects of life don't make what's done any better or worse than the gross selfishness of those that do it, and here lies the problem, it's all done with a stilted view against society hence there are areas of our society that forever are below par and all that is connected with such is a burden to the state and everyone else. There are certain groups of people that wherever they congregate en-mass by default form a ghetto, no one else wants to go there so by their own hand they become outcasts and then wonder why they are deprived or always lagging behind. Smug attitudes of religion that don't work and ideals that no one gives a dam about lays the pavement to a life of underachieving, un-disovering, under performing, under developing, under creating, uncommunicative, always blaming others, nothing is ever right, etc. Soon the self same smugness unfolds hardship, resentment, anger, pain, suffering, and an attitude of lack of purpose because at the end of the day there's nothing to show for it just failures living off of what others produce and create.

Most "religious" groups become so bound up in their own doctrine they turn into the things they denounce, and bit by bit they too fall short of their own salvation as they can't see how devolved they have become. So bedazzled are they by their attitude that they are "so correct" that they make up elements of their own posturing with life as if it's divine inspiration whereas it's nothing of the sort. The real spiritual leaders are yourselves, as the appointed ones in today's society are weak, ineffectual, insipid, whet, slow, unresponsive, intellectually banal, indecisive and are by appearances camply clad entities that are too slow to catch cold. Their favourite topics are usually "stating the obvious". Evil and wrong doing are no strangers to religion especially where money is concerned or at times sexual proclivities, it happens because it can happen, and what the congregation don't really know would shake them to the core should they find out. Respect for anyone has to be earned, it's not something no matter who you are that is automatically bestowed.

Goodness comes from within, it's not a state whereby it's farmed out nor is it selectively proffered to those who one deems it expedient to be given to, but it must be an inherent state of mind and one without ego or arrogance nor pre conceived purpose or effect. For some goodness is almost a natural instinct, which it should be ideally for everyone. But unfortunately there are those who feel its just too difficult to be nice for without a return or reciprocation in sight can't muster the ability to carry it out. Especially towards those they don't know and that it would lower their own inept and substandard ability even though should they be nice it would elevate them straight away. Those that carry burdens of the past that have not healed or gotten over are candidates for "looking the part as Mr or Ms nice" but it's only a facade hiding almost bitchy and spiteful remarks wrapped up in chosen words and statements as if said in jest, it's nothing of the sort. We all change in life bearing the scars of the past even though not visible, yet inwardly looking like an elderly mature whale full of nicks and cuts and marks that have healed over with time yet are still there and are of no value to the future or indeed the present.

Life is a multi-coloured tapestry, if we choose to be selective then that's our prerogative, we can see only what we want to see, but that doesn't hide the fact that much more exists and others often live and dwell on what we tend to filter out, thus we get a distorted view of life and our position within it. Our emotions and love, love being the most essential element is paramount in us making progress, being stable, enjoying life, understanding what goes on around us and seeing a positive outlook in the future. Anything less than all these things is to veer on the dark side, there's no option here, if life isn't good from your own perspective then it can't be anything else no matter what you choose to call it. In earthy terms we are here for an almost minuscule amount of time, so the world at large doesn't care about you at all, how you are thought about whilst you are here is purely down to you, and how you perceive life and how others perceive you is all a mind concept, everything is what you make it regardless of circumstances and situations which are forever subject to change.

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