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Every action we take has another action contributed to it or even a number of other actions based upon the original one, we only have to look at a car accident to see how the action of a crash can decimate so many ancillary things all in a few moments, lives, property, disruption, etc. But we don't have to be morbid, taking the positive aspects of an action we have all benefited at some time or another from the effect of someone doing a good deed for us regardless of what it was. It could be they spent their whole Saturday helping us pack and relocate elsewhere, or they made that discrete phone call to a friend of theirs regarding a need we had and lo and behold it has come to life. Many is the time we help others out or vice versa just from the goodness of our hearts, because that's what people by and large do. And yes there are those that don't do anything for anyone but we don't need to bother ourselves about them, they don't register on the scale of things in life. However there's more to life than just sheer opportunity, we all need a catalyst at times to help us on our way, and catalysts are indeed out there all around us just waiting to happen. A catalyst in science is something that helps a reaction take place without altering its chemical properties, it often speeds things up dramatically thus it has a very positive use. In life we are usually quite impatient too wanting whatever it is to happen sooner rather than later. But with a human catalyst events can whirl us from where we are right now and transport us into a higher elevation often leapfrogging much of the laborious tasks en-route to getting there.

Why does this happen? The average human being actually likes to help others, it not only helps someone in their quest to move forward but it's a nice feeling for the self too to have done it, and if you believe in God then it's also the correct thing to do to help others no matter what. What really hits home also is that the deed done more often than not needs nor expects any reciprocation and that's a very positive and wholesome move, quite self gratifying. It's these moves we do in life that give us a greater purpose to help others, for without these feelings we are at times lost in a world of "what's it all about" as are the many selfish and self centred people who don't do nor expect and thus get little or nothing out of life. Catalysts materialise from anywhere, their credentials don't have to be impeccable, someone of great importance has a mother, sister, brother daughter, son, best friend, etc, and the unlikeliest of contacts can have some of the most unassuming but influential conduits to gaining a degree of access that one at times finds it almost impossible to reach oneself. We hear about the six degrees of separation, that we are all linked by that mode, but rarely does it work even for avid networkers because en-route to the theory being made whole is that in practise many people are just not going to let loose or give in to any of it at all. What's theirs, (their contacts) are theirs, so it all starts to crumble in front of you and at times a degree of jealousy creeps in too, helping someone else may make them more successful than they are, and so it goes on. . And people in general are very fussy at allowing themselves to be conduits for people they don't know, trust or have an inkling that they are being used, which can be the case.

However over and above this there are conduits so close to hand that the isolation we feel at times is purely in our minds and if we don't go out and about and circulate and network then those conduits and catalysts will be forever illusive. There's no other solution, the more we stay put the less likely we are going to come into contact with what could be one of the best opportunities in our lives taking place. The idea that "if only I could just get to where I want to be" then all would be well is a fallacy and already smacks of failure. The journey has to be made in order for the credentials of understanding and knowledge to be learned. If we can't manage the knocks en-route to our goal we will certainly not be able to handle the position we seek with any great assurity and will always find problems without seemingly solutions. We too unknowingly could be a catalyst for someone else, undervaluing who or what we know in favour of us seeking and not actually being sought after. Life is full of perceptions so we should not be closed to what's out there and our role in it all, and if someone asks or we see a point at which we can help others then we should be free to do it taking into consideration what it is and who they are and separating it from being mean and just not doing it because we haven't been helped as yet by anyone. That's both a failure and selfish mentality and goes a long way to others steering clear of you when in a position to help, it's an inherent feeling they get which you give out. People that have that "needy" look are as a rule always left out of the equation, as are those who want everything for free, which is not usually a money orientated situation it's more of just being down right mean, and that by default holds them back too.

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