Monday, 10 October 2011


The more we have time to ourselves the more we observe what others are doing and saying, whatever we say we give away how we are and what's on our mind and why we said it. It's not that it's important in the grand order of things that we pick up on others as our interactions are probably almost negligible and that whatever others are up to has no or little effect upon us anyway.  But what is interesting is that even the most enlightened piece of writing and positive prose often has tinges of sadness within, it's not the sadness of pity but more of something missing in their own 'bigger picture' that's causing them to feel slightly un-quenched and not as happy as they could be. It also often states that there is a need for personal love, not that people aren't loved but the desire for the intimacy of it. For the most part we read what we read, take on board the context and then move on, we don't want to play amateur psychologist or anything else as that serves no purpose and one ends up being slightly ungrounded and elliptical in thought which forever produces loose threads in any conversation and a degree of permanent instability. It also affects our ability to genuinely laugh, be fun to be with and restricts creative conversation no end.

The future of our lives resides with us, despite conditions, situations, restraints, opportunities, parameters and anything else, such as health, finance, relationships, family, work, etc, it's us that has to live our lives no one else, ever. Our mind is solely our responsibility and what emanates from it is always our thought, even if we choose to follow others or 'go with the flow' we make those decisions, so if it all goes wrong, we have to accept the blame from 'backing the wrong horse". Admonishing responsibility isn't an acceptable answer and is for brainless nerds who can't and never do take ownership, something which becomes evident in conversations very early on in whatever is said. Within every generation there are massive changes, within our present climate changes are taking place faster than ever before mainly because we can communicate faster and also the migration of different cultures and the falling apart of traditions and regimes is also having an effect. Similarly the worlds natural disasters are increasing both in frequency and enormity and this will continue more so which will have resounding complications and fierce reality checks about propping up third world countries where despite progress it's an endless game of  snakes and ladders.

Many young people feel the pangs of degrees of 'nothingness' one minute full of excitement the next full of gross despondency cancelling out their pre-thought euphoria. The instability and greediness of our financial and commercial enterprises accounts for much national and employee unrest and unhappiness. Unhappiness cannot be undone by courses or re-training, it's like whipping someone and telling them to take pain killers to help them stop feeling the pain, stop the whipping! The overwhelming and indifferent ignorance and unprofessional statements that are published by organisations smacks of ineptitude, whilst whoever makes the comments may be good at what they do, they are not good orators in tact nor diplomacy, even if they can talk until the cows come home and wax lyrical about nothing for ages, something which politicians are good at. Without genuine inner feelings of ability, not that of smart talk or motivational speaking, a real and defined product within that's transferable and transposable and doable by the self, then everything ahead is a blank canvas. And whilst for some a blank canvas is a myriad of opportunities for others it's a sea of nothingness upon which to latch on to but can't. Motivation for entrepreneurs is self evident, for those that don't inherently possess such abilities they understand what needs to be done but require a catalyst upon which to make it all come together, something that smart talk and motivational ideology never provides.

Within our teaching organisations there are students who are brilliant at what they will end up doing making real moves in their lives, but often the route to same is emotionally torturous, and even those who embark on lesser dreams and aspirations the going and thought of the future other than via stereotyped thinking is daunting too. Little is ever given to mental support and how to project oneself proficiently in trying to achieve their goals. Despondency can effectively reduce our intake and creative thoughts and reasoning to a level that's so banal we feel demoted and unstructured and then lose a presence with life, everything becomes a struggle and weighty. Our desire to do anything then is robotic, which for many is becoming the norm today, and then that word 'failure' looms large, which it shouldn't as for the majority their state of play is purely mental, regardless of any circumstantial effects that are taking place. Viewing the bigger picture always places the self in perspective, however if the company you keep is negative then it can forever be difficult to break free and enjoy the openness that will ensure success is ahead of you and not a pipe dream.

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