Friday, 21 October 2011


At times in life many arrive at what is virtually a Life Impasse in that all of a sudden everything appears to come to a grinding halt, the meaning and purpose and fluidity of life starts to pull heavily within the mind and one starts to reflect with a determined voracity that drags up one’s past life including all sorts or weird and unrelated events whereby one tries to piece them all together to form some sort of coherent picture. Once this happens the happiness trail starts to falter and one’s thoughts dwell on the morbid events of the past and the possible uneventfulness of the future, the inner desire to see positivity is all but thwarted and anything that tends to ‘raise the game’ is viewed with a degree of caution that it’s almost self defeating. All this can and at times and in some instances does lead to depression of the self generated type. We are the product of what we feed ourselves so for example if we are fat it’s not down to our condition or tablets even if there is an effect as such, no one gets fat on fresh air, it’s in direct relation to our calorific intake. Similarly if we feed our minds with rubbish then we will eventually manifest an attitude which has a base parameter of rubbish in it, we will see much of life as both flippant and oppressive such is the nature of pathetic content taken in. The power of the mind is just so great that if we abuse it and if we turn it in on ourselves and instead of doing ourselves favours we are harming our own infrastructure and start to develop negative traits and idiosyncrasies. Where the mind goes the body follows, so if we are not quite as we should be mentally then our body also follows that route and we manifest all sorts of psychosomatic illnesses or manifestations that are a result of our depleted mind functionality with regards thinking.

Dwelling on the problem is the worst thing anyone can do as it stave’s off ever finding the solution, which separates the entrepreneur from the plodders, those that don’t make that distinction and forever go around in circles wishing, hoping and thinking that they will meet someone or something will happen all of a sudden to change things for the better, keep dreaming it won’t happen that way. The self is the begining and end of life, it’s what we do for ourselves or what we “put out” into the wide world that opens up the endless possibilities of chance happenings. Chance happenings are not to be associated with luck even if one perceives that events changed because of luck, even luck can’t be manifested is there isn’t a base for it to latch on to, we will never win the Lottery if we don’t do it. We are responsible for changing our own fortunes and that only happens with a positive mind, a negative mind is one that chooses to see the bad rather than the good and thus is forever in a state of perplexed conjunction and embroiled mind talk which never gets anywhere other than produce feeling of lowness, lethargy and everything else associated with dullness, it’s not rocket science here, we all know what’s what.

What really makes a difference is our attitude, that’s something that we can control even though many choose not to and prefer to hide behind a smoke screen to solicit sympathy as a way of consoling themselves as to why things haven’t changed for the better. But what ever one tries to hide behind or excuse or manifest scenarios, the truth is that if life sucks it’s still down to you, no one else nor circumstances, it’s perhaps a greater truth that you haven’t got the ability or desire to just step out from where you are and thus just rest on potential thoughts as opposed to a reality of trying to really move forward. There are always solutions to move towards the exit, there are always routes and roads leading to where you would like to be, but whether the bottom line instinct is strong enough to cast caution to the wind and go for it is yet another matter. But whatever it is a reality check is the most important aspect one must face and not continually searching and hoping for that will never produce a positive result. Being true and honest will at least allow where you are to be more pleasant even if it’s not at least initially palatable. Decisions are sometimes monumental at other times relatively mild in nature and context, whatever those decisions are one must stick to the reality of whether it needs to be resolved now or hold on tight for the road ahead and perchance to live the rich rewards that are all possible, but it’s your choice.

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