Saturday, 15 October 2011


In binary code another world exists, it's a world of control and effect, it's a world without heart and soul, it's a world that thrives on yes and no. It doesn't discriminate without purpose as it feels no emotional issues, just logic based upon what it knows and statistical evidence, regardless of the consequences. Although synthetic emotions are being written into programmes to try and give some degree of sentient thought it's still in its infancy stages. But for the main part of creative development, heart and soul are alien concepts and programmers, writers and those that see applications perform are dealing with a cold reality that can and does has adverse effects. We are relying more and more on algorithms to decipher, understand, control and play out aspects of life, to put into place concepts and realities based upon forward thought that has yet to take place and is often incorrect as it's still much in the way of advanced guesswork. Our thinking of the future has yet to realise the combining of situations that we know nothing of as yet. The stock markets suffer from a condition called "red screen syndrome" where the fluctuations of companies worth have been pre-defined within percentage changes and start flashing red when they veer out of such parameters. The "red screen syndrome" is becoming a regular occurrence and often ironically "white outs" are now taking place whereby the whole monitors are red in appearance as escalations have a knock on effect as confidence - a human trait - inter melds with electronic interfaces. Unfortunately the human mind can't think as fast as the binary world and then another human trait steps in - panic - and then the worlds detritus eaters enter - the media - they prophesy doom as the only aspect left to plunder. And as the stock markets are both fickle and grossly manipulated for selfish reasons it gets worse at the benefit of a few.

There are various levels of human intelligence and within these levels of intelligence there are those that possess wisdom, yet another human trait that is unfortunately very scarce today. Wisdom and intelligence are not directly related and one can have either or be blessed to have both, it's not inclusive nor exclusive. When all goes wrong mostly wisdom outsmarts intelligence and wisdom is not always in abundance in companies and organisations at the high ground levels. Our ability to control our emotions is essential if we are to find solutions, whilst emotions define and give a human interface to what we do, if we allow emotions to rule we are finished. Our society is controlled by binary functions, all carefully and strategically programmed to work in such as way as to enable processes and actions and those at a human level to function in a harmonious way. We see films in which someone infiltrates a control center and then we get grid lock and mayhem all over the place, and then ransom money comes into play as examples of negative manipulation. The public are usually the first to go into panic mode as most are helpless on their own, they panic as they haven't any foresight as to the bigger picture so from their insular little world they give in and solely await help from anyone around them including others who maybe panicking also. Wisdom in a binary world is our saving grace for without it binary logic can rule out human life even if it's programmed accordingly. Finances are a point in question where the ruthlessness of selling has overtaken the humanitarian need for compassion, and the results are for many devastating. Much of this is effected by the human emotion of greed a factor of humans praying on humans allowed to happen by more humans by grossly impotent government regulations.

The more the population increases the more services are required to handle them, the more exponentially other areas increase too not in the least that of health and the mindless garbage that people feed upon via their communication devises the television in particular. Subliminally we pick up more than we feel we do until our "cache" is full and we find it difficult to process more so we get a "dithering effect" in our routines and thought processes. And then we get mental health problems as we can't effectively process and see beyond what's directly in front of us and what we have is then never enough. All around us we are being controlled in some way by binary systems even if they are providing a positive and beneficial service, they act not alone, and they "talk to each other" in conversations that we neither understand nor can interpret at times. The binary systems have constant conversation about us that are going on 24/7 and whilst we sleep they are still talking and logging details about us every nano second of every day. We can't stop it, if we did our quality of life would substantially be reduced as would our services. Within this Catch22 are a myriad of possibilities, the definition of which is purely up to man's own design and discretion, and that's where the real danger lies, the differing of ideas for purpose that cause the biggest downfall by man himself, it's the stuff that dictators are made of as are the mindless and selfish and lost despots and Islamic terrorists of a violent religion which adds no benefit to mankind.

The "third world" which relies on still primitive aspects of life even if the capital cities are well equipped via the banks and commerce with modern technology, slip constantly and quietly into a world of further oblivion as more natural disasters arise. It's only advanced countries like Japan that can bounce back because of their collective understanding of getting on and moving forward. Third world countries are so used to poverty, genocide, being propped up, bribery, devastation, no education of great value, their beliefs are redundant and compromised by a total lack of themselves and faith, their barbaric killing of kindred races, themselves and other religions, still is rife today and decimation of landscapes that mean nothing fuel even more environmental destitional depravities. And whilst all this is going on the binary systems at the speed of light continue to monitor and form logical opinions based on current conditions and past efforts and future extrapolations and pass their decree for man to  assess yet again as to how best help the forever unfortunates whilst sustaining an ever increasing pressure at home to live a happy life.

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