Monday, 24 October 2011


Lemmings have been around for ages, and it's becoming increasingly more "lemming like" today with the populous following rather than standing their ground and being counted. It's one thing to agree with a general consensus of events that are easy to assimilate such as a "bad winter" the "rising prices" it's something else to make the effort not to be put off  with the emotion of it all not harbouring a smug opinion of it and at the same time remain ebullient thought. Depression of the self inflicted kind is so easily succumbed to when the 'self' gives up all thoughts and hope, for without out hope there's little left. Of course all around us we are blasted with negativity, the media like vampires prey on negativity sucking the life out of everything, companies peddle it with threats of closure or redundancies if they don't get grants or whatever it is they seek as a freeby financially, and so it goes on, a game of pre-determined deceit, lies and unwholesome business. The academic institutions aren't much better today, and whilst there are "some" brilliant minds many are pure armchair experts when it comes to the reality of transforming theory into practice where the vessels of explanation are full of holes. We would have a society of academic millionaires if all their extrapolations and hypothesis came to pass, sadly for them it doesn't, snapshot pictures of life are just that and the variables are too numerous to compute. Having said that many of their contributions are valuable in many other ways.

The masses today whilst having relative freedom, and everything is relative today, where freedom is the ability to do what you want within moral reason, and even that's subjective. However that is tempered by the constraints of personal ability, finance, courage, foresight, guts (not the abdominal fat ones), and an overall inner desire to be different. Being different is also a "buzz" word of today, but few people lack any talent to be other than what or who they are fed by media diatribe and mirror copy their peers. The really "different" people are often classed as weird or "zany" because they dare to be different, although their dare is more of an inherent and intrinsic feel about them from within so it's not so daring as someone trying to emulate "different" because they think it cool or expedient, it's not. Pushing the boundaries is exciting for the few and frightening for the many, what we deem is "out there" for one person may be ultra boring for another, and literally beyond comprehension for others.

Marketing by television creates conversations of who won last nights auditions or whatever it was, or who is sleeping with whom in the latest soap, the banality of this is what it is, mass fodder for the drones, those folk that try and make the best of their lives yet subliminally see life for themselves as pre-determined and as such they forever limit their abilities and their potential. It's so easy and at times comforting for people to fall into an abyss of nothingness because it requires very little input, very little thought and the subject matter outside of small personal events in one's life has been created via exterior sources and is almost universally known within their circles of friends. Originality and creativity is not something high on their list even if they are snazzy dressers and have an eclectic sense of humour, there is always an imbalance between pedestrian thought and those that think beyond it. We are drawn to those whom we feel contribute to our lives in some way, often it's a commonality of thought, although the character of the person could in meetings not be as forward as we would like. Hence relationships are often drawn out on a series tiers and the success of those tiers is that they stay at their levels whilst communicating via an array of social media as an interface of mind thoughts.

To be truly free and not go with the flow one must have the ability to see beyond the banal detritus of 'ordinary' and thus not pick up literally or subliminally the flotsam and jetsam of devised life as concocted by any media and designer produced thought. Nor be involved in a "snapshot" of life which can have the effect of producing instability and mental retardation as once information has reached the masses it's out of date even if seemingly current. One cannot have original thought based upon published facts by an large, if you have thoughts in any one direction one normally has a conduit to the source(s) and thus various sources produce a more grounding picture without the flummery and additions of editors and others of unimportant thoughts that at times seek to be 'gatekeepers' rather than illuminators. At any one time we have the ability to be "special" that is not a contrived person but allowing our thoughts to be individual, however if this at all becomes a feat of dexterity then it highlights what the real you is all about. It's this realisation that many find upsetting because perception and reality can be miles apart. Knowing yourself however is a real strength and not a weakness.

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