Monday 17 October 2011


It had to happen and you can't blame the social media for it, the first stages of "small group people anarchy" has arrived. The world of political speak and aloof governance have eventually come to a head whereby the "average" person has had enough. Modern day politicians are not the strong and resilient breed of those of yesterday. Those that really broke the confines of traditionalism and forced issues, today's politicians by and large have little going for them and sound like a load of pubescent school girls blaming each other to elevate their ratings rather than devise structures that enhance life and society. They are still frightened by corporate threats and administering punishments for inadequate corporate governance and self greed, it is almost none existent. It's not that capitalism doesn't work it does, it allows everyone who should wish to to start their own business to do so, and since the vast majority of people employed nationally outside the charities are within the self employment / small business sectors it goes without saying that such areas need to be nurtured. The forever disgruntled and lazy and jealous and those that can't think will always whinge and moan but that's nothing new as they never add value to life anyway and prefer their self rolled up cigarettes, a pint and a moan as an intellectual way of life, if it is a way of life. That anarchy has started in the Middle East with the so called Arab Spring, but Arabs have never been used to freedom and unless there is strong governance (which there isn't at all) there will forever be unrest, and unrest is an Arab trait. They want freedom, then once they have it they will complain that no one is looking after them. It will take an age before they actually become of age and mature in the way they see life and do business and not be forever confined to outmoded religious Islamic restrictions producing endless failure.

The marches and protests around the world are what they are, whilst social media transmits the idea, ideas are not taken up by anyone just for the sake of it. There is so much global collective thought concerning the self same thing that politicians are too far removed from the populous to recognise it, even though those that write their speeches for them try and show they are not. But we don't believe PR anymore as it's predominantly divisive and illusive and designed to give somewhat comforting answers and explanations that don't anymore. The camaraderie of the people is now at a level whereby their own love for their own country is greater than the roles of their robotic politicians that have left home territory in favour of "globalism" and give the state's money overseas. Politicians by and large are no longer an enhancement to life and only see what they can associate en-route in their lives in soliciting more rewards and favours in the process. The press and media do absolutely nothing to help the upbeat feeling of humanity, and with the odd exception of a few 'soft' stories everything is designer gloom as they themselves see their role as impervious to life in general and thus can't be relied upon for real accuracy, most of it "designer driven" as a story of fiction rather than fact. The recent underhandedness of the press goes only to prove their own fragility in what they do. For many the reports on the free social sites outweighs the filtered stuff that one is presented via the established and lost companies that make capital out of misery and are themselves guilty of corporate greed (not profit - greed).

Governments around the world do things in conjunction with governments around the world often as a gesture of international good will (except Russia and China and they never do always finding an excuse) which has at times nothing to do with one's home turf. The upholding of security in Afghanistan and Iraq will be futile as the mental Taliban and other brainlessly suicidal Islamic groups will continue forever more, such is their doctrine and alien religious thoughts which are purely self orientated and empty. You only need one sniper to be let loose to cost millions in defence of it, and where the Islamic value on life is negligible with hatred and death and killing embedded within them, it's a no brainer that peace will ever exist in the near future.

Global greed and corruption is on the up, everyone wants a slice of the cherry, the impotence of governments to really get to grips with the situation without getting paranoid in the process and disadvantaging those further down the ladder is imperative. Also the increase in over avaricious tax inspectors who see their job as a smug sport rather than ordinance needs great scrutiny at assisting the climate and not being the culprits of despondency which they can be, and shutting off the hands that literally feed them. The young see no future in their plastic coed politicians who fly around the world at great ease to discuss high level talks which today means propping up some badly run country or other or ploughing money into financial institutions to keep the Sociopaths well watered and everyone else nicely screwed so that they can't do anything silly such as revolt, but they will. The word "revolting" has taken on a new and heightened meaning, it's almost an elevation of what politicians can't and dare not do, that's seek countenance for their own country. Even the police who are there to keep the peace have few rights to really tackle trouble makers because of the massively stupid "political correctness" that prevails today and upheld by life's morons and misfits and greedy bent lawyers.

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