Saturday 26 February 2011


It's almost at epidemic proportions and much of it is self afflicted, it's a structured aspect of humanity that if lost will cause mayhem beyond recognition, it affects how we think and move and it's our mental health. Many think of mental health as a condition brought about by illness or (clinical aspects) but much of it is really of our own making. If we over eat, drink too much, take recreational drugs, etc, we become the recipients of stupid indulgence and negative consequences, then we want someone else to sort it out for us, so that our thought is we can rectify what we have just done by popping a few more tablets or something that will effect change in an instant all will be well, and of course it won't. How we feed our minds is crucial to the way we think, it's crucial to our happiness, and it's crucial to our stability too, if these fail then life as we would like it will be a thing of the past. If we lose track of whom we are and admonish responsibility for ourselves and join forces with the "blame culture brigade" by handing life over to others then we are destined to be zombies of tomorrow. All the dull buzz phrases "I'm stressed out", "I need my space", "I want quality time", "I've tried everything", etc, really denote a severe lack of the self, and whilst some of these aspects of life may be true, they are used so frequently that they become life's wallpaper and then we become what we have said we are, rubbish. It's not rocket science, we become so used to living with what we say we are or want but never achieving our ability to love, laugh, sleep well, enjoy, be comfortable, all goes by the board and a creeping neurosis of life starts to fight for pole position and then it all gets just so messy.

Relationships suffer greatly with self inflicted mind feeding of rubbish, quoting others smart words or statements, reading into things or stuff that doesn't exist, becoming tetchy, becoming precious (doing lots of little things to please yourself), becoming nervy, taking offence at stuff you don't like which alters nothing, getting upset easily when it matters not to anyone including yourself, feeling put upon, seeing life as always unfair, forever comparing others to yourself and then even more others, not enjoying life - just robotically trudging through it, feeling let down when expectations are not met - even though there was no real criteria in the first place, nit picking on stuff  that's so irrelevant that you've no idea why you did or said what you did, and so it goes on. Eventually your speech changes as does its tonal quality, that's always a big give away, that what you say starts to go down beat and then the drama of the statement or conversation is heightened by the way it's retorted. Indulging in the TV soaps, the magazine fodder of depicting others raunchy and debased life scenarios, highlighting tragedy, highlighting suffering, highlighting breakdown, highlighting stress, highlighting the lesser side of life at the expense of life itself and the real true emotions of goodness, kindness and love, which are in reality the biggest part of your life.

Many people get into a self motivated panic thinking they can't cope the way they are or with their current thoughts / situation and possibly need help, yet at the same time fret at the prospect of physically seeking help because in their mind it's an admission that they are "not right", which is a shock to the system. But such thoughts are quite common with even the most stable and level headed people, we are not experts in every area of life so when something looms large in a certain aspect of their lives and we can't find resolution we dwell on it and then it grows into some ogre in our minds and we then have dialogue with it. It's this mono mindedness and cocooned and insular thought that makes us feel nervy, it makes us feel alien to our current life in short it destabilises us and that highlights even the most mundane chores and places them on a list of things to do that in turn makes us feel burdened, whilst before we would just do what we needed to do as if it were second nature. It's the mind playing games and we have let it, don't blame anyone else or anything else it's our brain and we need to look after it, our mind is not a fashion accessory it's us.

Everything we ever need to live a good life from a mental perspective we have already within us, our happiness, joy, laughter, everything, we can cope with disappointment, upset, mayhem, disaster, breakdown, let down, and all the rest. We can get over it and see a good and sometimes better life beyond, even though at times we doubt whether life exists beyond where we are. Everything in life and how we live it, even if it's not ideal is borne out in our minds, no where else does it live, and if we negate aspects of life because of our own deliberations then we really only have ourselves to blame. We can overcome anything without others mental help, we can do it.

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