Saturday, 23 October 2010


It's got to be said, that the more companies invest in front line personnel the more clients seem to get frustrated by the way they are treated, theories are fine but where it all comes to a grinding halt is when a human takes over, it's their attitude that either makes or breaks the deal. Many of us will have experiences with surly cabin crew yet at the same time there are those that are just bubbling with life and flair and make "everything all right". Similarly with customer services it's not just what's said it's how it's said and the tenation put upon the content, learning parrot fashion isn't an answer to anything when it comes to communication ability. You are either good at it or you are not, it has nothing to do with being able to do the job in hand it's how you do it. Similarly leaving a message on some else's voicemail,  despite the fact they say leave a message and I'll get back to you, do they? Their importance is placed upon themselves not the client and that's when the rot starts to set in.

The common courtesy of replying especially by email is beyond many people yet they expect replies themselves even if their two faced attitude precludes them from the thoughtfulness of sending out a reply themselves even a "stereotyped" one. Media and publishing organisations are by far the worse culprits they seem to draw the dross from the marketplace who are cocooned in a world of self, me, mine, and have a degree of vacancy when it comes to anything outside of their own remit. But it does also extend to companies at all levels and it's so refreshing to get a reply promptly that's not only accurate but fair and not bogged down with endless asterisk outlining their limits of liability and what the reply does not constitute, almost like looking through an insurance policy.

Frustration is not the worst thing that one can be up against, but it can taint one;'s views and feelings and indeed future business when it comes to making a decision or a choice. The interaction between people is a reflection of the "self" in that what one is like in one's personal life and has a tendency to echo into business life and vice versa. It's also to an extent a reflection of one's mental state and mental thought process, and the wrong person in the wrong job can negatively charge much of the correspondence of the business even if physically they are capable of carrying out what is needed to be done. Many people in the "self help / coaching / psycho...." arena are often in more need of help than their clients, even if they are successful. The absence of thought is a big issue today, and it's an issue which affects more those without thought than those with thought, for those without thought become almost selfishly intertwined with a part of life that forever lets them down and then they feel pity towards themselves, something that those with thought rarely does.

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