Tuesday, 18 January 2011


So you've read the title and you've already thought to yourself impossible, how can you be happy everyday without even giving that thought a chance to set its stall out and state its case. When asking people what makes them happy there is almost an automatic assumption that they don't posses anything that makes them happy now or gives them happiness, so they search for other aspects such as more money, better car, holiday, whatever it may be. Very few say without thinking my wife, husband, partner, children, girlfriend / boyfriend, my great health, etc, makes me happy, and then work down the list to say whatever else would be should the opportunity be available for other areas of life to be enhanced to add to that happiness. The opposite of happiness is sadness, so are you sad every day, or even somewhere in between 'noneplusssed', just getting by unemotionally detached but full of judgment and grasping the two best sellers you've been writing for years, "Life's Excuse Book" and "What a Failure Am I".

How we punctuate our conversations speaks volumes, it's nothing to do with "up and down"aspects of life it's our attitudes or how we wish to present ourselves either selfishly with dull and grumpy overtones wanting compassion or pity, or just monotones because you can't be bothered to make an effort to be civil to others so wrapped up in your selfish self centred world that it elevates itself over all else, and then you have the audacity to wonder why life isn't as you'd expect. Being happy doesn't take energy or hard work, being sad does.Everything we do and react to regardless of circumstances is generated from within, whether it's ill health, bereavement, loss, etc, our reactions come from us, nowhere else, ever. And whilst mitigating circumstances can cause distress at times over seemingly imponderable situations, time, further thought, logic and selfless understanding of the bigger picture gives rise to life itself and the great potential of love and understanding.

Love in life is the single most crucial aspect of value, with love greatness ensues, it understands, heals, it doesn't corrupt, it sees no evil, it doesn't cheat, it doesn't kill, it doesn't harm or murder, it's not full of religious diatribe that's evil and divisive, it's Pure God, it attracts goodness itself and purveys a harmony from all around. Love is indestructible it's strong and has no selfish motives, it doesn't have shadows where evil lurks, it's true from the word go, it's not subject to pathetic interpretation from evil priests, imams, rabbis and other self appointed messengers of whatever God they purport to worship. Happiness is self controlled, the diversity of those that are happy and those that aren't is wide. But our choices are ours and happiness can be whatever we want it to be, even if for many their God is a financially based aspect of greed. How we live our lives is down to us, both attitude and thought pave the way for us to being happy or eternally sad, identical people can have such opposite views and feelings the only difference being self thought. Love has nothing to prove as it's Omnipotent, evil is racked with excuses and answers that sound smart but like television rhetoric is shallow, hollow and empty like a balloon, fragile and ready to pop at any moment.

As humans we have to endure life at times, we can feel isolated and alone and circumstances can weigh heavily upon us, it's nothing new, it's happening every day to people all over the globe. Those with the love walk ahead of them bounce back and walk towards tomorrow where life is awaiting us, whilst the rest drag the past with them as if something to prove, an almost self celebration of  selfishness that they can't admonish and thus permanently compare and use at times as an adjunct to their conversations in an almost arrogant fashion of giving up, "I've tried this or that", but the idiots don't realise that was then, not now, and it's the "now" that holds the energy for tomorrow not the residue of a past life existence. Happiness lies here and now, it's present in what will be our future, our happiness and what is rightfully ours, it's a part of us, it's intrinsic to who we are, only self will will deny it to surface and thus sadness will reign. Our love for both ourselves and others is paramount, we don't need excuses nor anything else, love for Love's sake is all that is needed to bolster who we are, cause a smile, a sparkle in the eye, a kind thought, a kind deed, compassion, understanding, help, wanting and being wanted, it stems from the self. If you're too selective then it will never ever be able to fuel it's own cause and life will then be forever dowdy and seemingly without happiness. Happiness is literally what you make it, find an excuse that that isn't so, and you'll always be unhappy, but it's your choice, and if so it possibly reflects who you really are!

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