Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Intelligence is not a precursor to success, neither is ignorance, you can be a world class brain box and have no common sense whatsoever or be full of insecurities and fears and phobias and all the other stuff that one can harbour. Intelligence does not equate to business acumen either, and whilst it's imperative in some fields to be numerate and savvy with regards the 'feel' of markets and trends etc, outside of those areas one can have the charisma of a lump of concrete. Many a person has become wealthy and successful from a very lowly educated base but just developed an idea, a name, a system and "bingo" it's taken off, and from there onwards much of the mainstay of running the company is done by board members seconded or outsourced to handle what the originator sees as an alien concept and probably dull too. What's exciting to some or dull to some is the opposite to what others see as exciting or perhaps show a total disinterest in. We can if not careful equate what we see or feel to situations which hold no ground truths, in fact we can be so wrong and then get disillusioned by our inaccurate assumptions that it leaves us perplexed as to how some get on in life at all,  whereas others that seemingly have loads to give come to nought. However those assumptions are the base of our ignorance and should not form any comparisons with mind sets or pre-conceived ideas as it will render our potential as useless and defunct. We need to be the leaders in our own life, walking our own walk even though we may at times need help and assistance from others.

The inquisitive always get by, those that dwell in ignorance live in ignorance and those that are purely nosey never really make anything of themselves as they are too preoccupied with what others do as opposed to directing their own show. Of course there are those that seek only what they look for and by default miss the pieces of the jigsaw that complete the whole picture, such people see failure as a stumbling block yet it's their own insufficient resolve that keeps them from reaching the goal posts. Asking questions isn't a form of weakness it's a strength from which one can grow and overcome seemingly insurmountable boulders that can if not dealt with correctly impede growth and thwart all chances of moving forward. We need to be knowledgeable about life, which doesn't mean becoming addicted to watching or listening to the news every day as most of that is hyped up and fabricated via the newsroom drones to distort facts and blow them out of all proportion, something which they not only deny but can't actually see so cocooned are they in staring at their own rectum and hoping to see light. We need to keep our own resolve no matter how alien that may be to the mainstream thought, it's a precocious possession of how we think and it may not be privy to others who are not on that level of thought but even see it as pathetic, such is the nature of ignorance and self smug attitudes of those that always live lowly in their own down trodden world.

If we don't ask the questions, if we don't tell our tale, if we don't amplify what we think then no one will ever know what it is we are doing or trying to do. Of course it's imperative to have the right audience and that's a feat in itself but never the less the quest to finding that audience even if it's met by "gatekeepers" is a step to success as the journey unravels much about who we are and what the end product could contain. Nothing is of no use even if we discard en-route aspects that are of no value to us, that knowledge of knowing that is grist to the mill, it's really only those that see goals and nothing in the middle that forever get waylaid by trivia or idle gossip and then destabilised and then lose their composure as to the end resolve. Humans like to help humans, it gives them a feeling of purpose and satisfaction, and although there are the grumpy ones who don't want to do anything for anyone we ignore them as is their want and enjoy those who are pleased to help us and in turn others help them. The "help" scenario is not of an equal ratio, it could be that we help someone immeasurably in many ways and when we need help it's only fleeting. But it's the quality of help, just one name and phone number can transform a life or a job or make your business become highly profitable, we need to keep that all in mind and not start to equate this n' that otherwise the magic of help will leave and go elsewhere.

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