Tuesday, 12 October 2010


We all have degrees of hope within us, it doesn't matter what language we speak either, we still have phrases such as "I hope this or that or whatever will come about", Hope is universal in its meaning and depth, it transcends all manner of negativity and places itself firmly within us. Without hope we have nothing, and without hope we are empty vessels for there is nothing ahead of us worthy of living for, and we are also void of real love too that percolates every atom of our body. Hope is the invisible electron that orbits all, it's everywhere we go and it's got such a power that if we access hope we can take on anything. Hope transcends the despots and the official but hollow banter that's all around us, it takes no prisoners and thwarts the enemy, it see only good and eradicates the bad sending it to where it emanated from. Hope is that burning glow within that sparks even in the cold, hope is the fuel of moving on, it's the everlasting flame that we can draw upon when everything seems to be against us and no one seemingly can help.

It's always good to do something positive even if ends up being wrong, the mere fact that we make a move sets the tumblers moving and stops the wheels cloggingg up. Even going to a motivational evening could help, but the trouble with motivational speakers they are sometimes like a good meal or a night of drinking, good whilst it lasts but the morning after it's all a yesterdays memory and you are still on your own, and you still have to do whatever it is - somehow. Hope is always there it's never an afterthought of smart words, it's real, it's wholesome and it's free. It has more value than anything else on earth, it's a priceless commodity and we all possess it, even if we think it's in short supply, we still have it and it remains with us until death.

Hope however is a semi controlled force, our attitude often governs how we think and feel so it's imperative that we keep our minds free from the lowness and negativity that others may harbour. Hope is ours to keep it's not dependent upon anyone else, nor is it affected by circumstances, situations or present conditions no matter how lengthy or temporary they may be. We are the "governors" of ourselves and thus we need to access "hope" 24/7 so that no matter how we feel whether it be great or somewhat low, hope is their kindling that inner thrust of energy and mind determination that allows us to see the bigger picture and that is where life really lives on, that is where life is determined not only by ourselves but within what we 'see' and 'feel' and 'hear' all around us.

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