Tuesday 26 October 2010


It's become almost blase today to broadcast the negative side of life, like most religions fear breeds an almost destined and clandestine following of those eternally seeking truth, and freedom from what they feel is an oppression out of their own hands. Of course that's far from the truth, designer fabrication is de regeur brought about by narrowness of ability more than the prowess of real unbiased truth which most broadcasters talk about but in reality when it's passed through the 'system' comes out candy wrapped. And with journalists salivating at the thought of the next catastrophe to lick the grime and blood up for their next fix. There's a new " trendy" tide of conjecture throwing 'ideas' about the pre-big bang into the public gaze, but it's only theory and no matter how convincing it sounds, nobody knows, and as we know all too well, today's science is tomorrows garbage paper. The likes of Stephen Hawkins and Richard Dawkins waxing lyrical about evolution and hugging the limelight as if they are experts on how it all started whereas in reality they haven't a bloody clue, it's all at this time coconjecture.and are peddling theories which for those on a similar ilk is pure mental masturbation, some of which is becoming habitual. The idea that we are all mistakes really throws the whole of society into a melting pot of a lack of hope and purpose, as it's for them an "enjoy it while you can" scenario because when your number is up, that's it, which it will certainly be for them.

But for the young and those yet still to be born there must be something more than death to look forward to in this world, where hope plays a vital part as does optimism and where does love fit into all this. For without love humans are just robots or drones living for the sake of living, and that has no kudos nor degree of camaraderie either. As advanced as science is, in the grand order of life it still knows nothing, the manipulation of molecular structures is still beyond our grasp despite what we know or even possibly believe. And even the power of the mind, whilst some areas are producing astounding results leave many baffled how certain individuals can do what they do just by sheer thought and at times at a distance. The trouble with intellectuals is that they lose touch of life and love, they see only what they see and though that in itself can make a good read they overlook so many aspects of life some of which they can't even fathom out as they are aloof to the deeper aspects of why? Intellectuals like scientists need a formula and a reason, and if either can't be found they move on, which often eliminates the formula and reason until it has been found or discovered in the meantime leaving a massive gap in the plausibility stakes. Humanity needs a reason, mistakes aren't enough to live by, especially when we all try our best not to make any or rectify what has gone wrong, intellectuals see no wrong in prostituting their ideas of life with the mix n' match approach of what I don't know I'll replace by some scientific explanation in it to give it some degree of credibility. Wrong, it's all soppy Barbra Cartland science, with too may unanswered questions and 'perhaps's', and 'if's' and 'it could be's' thrown in en-rout to the conclusion, which is still, "we don't know"!

Most people on planet earth are struggling, there are those who will always probably struggle in relation to the rest of the world such as the corrupt and badly educated third world and the Islamic countries, who will always find it hard to move forward because their religion is oppressive. Then there are those who live within a tight latitudinal financial bracket that is susceptible to market conditions and governmental diktat, and this is predominantly within the western markets. Without hope and God - whatever God is to many, life has no purpose whatsoever, and whether real or imagined it does get many through the turmoil of life, something which many scientists are grossly unaware of so cocooned are they seeking enlightenment from their own rectum. Stability of the human mind is important, and the biggest negative stance in the West is that of "Mental Health", where science on one hand is trying to help in this respect, and on the other is creating a void for which those who seek purpose lose it completely, and for which both aspects of science miss out totally the human needs and essentially TLC in order to live proficiently, just like one's pet dog or cat that's content because its owner treats it well. Humans needs treating well and that is not science it's humans doing what humans do best, love each other, respect each other and this applies to corporations as it makes for happy workers, not pseudo-courses at exorbitant prices run on psychometric bases to try and induce what isn't inherently there and as such has always a short shelf life of workability.

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