Friday, 1 October 2010


There's a lot of hype about thought and people who in theory anyway are "outside of the box" when it comes to their perceptions, creativity and take on life, however unless you know what you are looking at or hearing it's doubtful that most would know the difference. A bit like foodies buying premium dark chocolate containing 80% cocoa solids and the supermarkets own make which contains - well, your guess is as good as anyone else's, the bottom line however most couldn't tell the difference. Many "blue chip" companies seeking "out of the box" recruits have to be filtered out by those firmly well within the box, and most likely huddled towards a corner somewhere such is their own ability and take on life. It's amazing that many such "out of the box" thinkers get turned down because they go through the "spot the braincell" tests that the "in the box" thinkers conjure up, and the "out of the box" thinkers then get picked up by boutique companies who are then commissioned by the "blue chip" companies whose commissions are then run by those that they have just been turned down, and at enormous cost. It's all hype and it's all a game, everyone seeking more but lacking the ability themselves to know what it is when it's presented to them. Where would governments and local authorities be without consultants who make their minds up for them, unless of course we talk about political correctness and then that's where government bodies excel in the flat lining and gross nothingness of wasted money and poor quality tunnel visioned personnel.

Of course there is a need for the "in the box" people who represent by far the majority of the population, but it's the "out of the box" people that can make the biggest difference, and then it's not every "out of the box" thinker that has the credentials to step out, for thought without deed is nothing short of failure. Like a brilliant medical student wanting to be a surgeon but hasn't the nerve to make an incision. Everyone has a right to be themselves, we are who we are and whether we apportion excuses as to why we are who or where we are reflects distinctly in how we see life and everyone else within it. How others perceive us is in most cases a direct reflection of what we put out even if we keep our cards close to our chest, we still give off traits that others subliminally pick up. Coming to terms with our abilities and who we are is essential otherwise it ends up as a fantasy and then we start to get illusions of grandeur. We must be "at one" with our abilities and at the same time who we are, because if we are not together within we will be at the crossroads of an internal conflict, wanting to do something but having endless excuses why we can't.

Life "In The Box" can be as good as any other life whether its "Out Of The Box" or beyond that, and that's also becoming a sought after commodity but way beyond most corporate entities as their prescriptive views of advancement are forever held back by their own apron strings and the dearth of "In The Box" thinkers who constantly aspire but dither permanently on the thought of putting themselves down by real geniuses. For the average pedestrian "In The Box" and "Out Of The Box" are alien concepts drummed up by weird people who do weird jobs, and to some extent that's true, it's all manufactured status based upon abilities that are relatively rare and thus not in common domain. There's almost an "aura" or "buzz" in certain quarters when speaking about such people and many "Out Of The Box" people prefer to go it alone anyway for once shackled by corporate bureaucracy they may as well have applied for a job at the local council.

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