Sunday 31 October 2010


For many today there is a degree of hopelessness surrounding their thoughts, events at large seem almost too much for them to mentally cope with. There are few if any politicians on the planet that have both guts and brains and are not afraid to use both, most seem to be always dithering on a half way ‘one size fits all’ intellectual stance, yet spouting out rhetoric as if what they have done was momentous, in their own minds - maybe. There is a lunatic fringe who seem to dwell in local government and whilst some local governments do some excellent work many fall short because of gross stupidity and ineptitude from the politically correct morons and bureaucratic ambiance which they tend to uphold. Where world terrorism is almost an exclusive domain for mental Islamists yet governments cower down to them as if they are some superior race whereas the truth be told they are the worlds greatest failures, just look where they live and what they achieve, the lowest of everything. Where modern day banking has become a fine art of almost legalised embezzlement and governments have tiptoed through tepid water at really solving the problem in the fear that bankers will move, no one is irreplaceable and where one person goes there are queus just awaiting the demise of the person in front. The problem lies in old staid dull archaic management who can’t, won’t see beyond the past, the future is changing remarkably and even many young people of today are steeped in traditional and outmoded ideology, which doesn’t mean compromising morals or the values in society. Governments are like the media more adept at the easy options of spreading fear and negativity because it requires little creative thought and definitely no back up required as an after service, and it can be changed at will to heighten or tone down previous comments in order to manipulate future intentions.

But it’s not for nothing that one of the greatest problems affecting modern society is that of mental health, and secondly in western cultures the acquiescing of immigrant cultures that are outmoded and rubbish joining a more developed socity where such immigrants want a better life yet cling on to the cesspool of a defunct and pathetic society and culture from whence they have left and yet start nurturing their past forming an almost replica of what they have just left, then wonder why others ostracize them. It’s all not rocket science, although like everything in life it’s how events are managed that make them work or a protocol or free fall into a self created decay. Hopelessness is a vast problem, as one migrates to the apex of the life pyramid such problems become diluted as personal means put paid to gross distortions that lesser mortals think about. Attitude is everything in life and where many see negativity ahead of them because their personal situation is precariously balanced, others are more stable in that they can weather what’s ahead even if pushed a little, and for some it makes no difference whatsoever. The chat rooms on the many dating sites or social websites are crammed full of lonely people seeking some kind of contact to fulfil that void in their stomachs that they daily experience with regards someone significant in their lives, alas to no avail, constant chat gives rise to heightened brain movements that’s like getting drunk, once you stop the sensation goes, and an overload leads to big downers of nothingness and feelings of ‘now what?’ Humans crave for a whole range of things to get feelings of other human emotions to feel more complete themselves, yet modern politics is full of hollow thoughts because those that practise their art haven’t any ability in social humanity on a scale over and above their own families.

The question raised is “is hopelessness today” a product of our society or a product of society itself opting out of what it sees as problems beyond its comprehension and ability to change itself. thus it feels less able to cope as it did years ago and its own resilience is somewhat floundering to an extent it almost gives in. Where governments need to be strong so that the population needs to feel that at least there is someone on their side and not some smart alec spewing out media friendly prose because some insidious emotionless PR numbskull has written it for them. Companies no longer can guarantee anything, international trade and finance fluctuates as it’s often manipulated by those that gain from such moves and at the end of the day even robbers, rapists, muggers, burglars, are given rights over and above the victims, and the young can be as unruly as they like because they too have rights and so by legal default decay has started all by the subhuman politically correct, who are themselves lost and for them unhappiness is a future of their own creation. Hopelessness for may is a state of ongoing life, interspersed with a few highlights which make everything more tolerable, yet the bottom line speaks of others untold ailments such as blood pressure, sleeplessness, dietary problems, weight problems, mental stability, and at times even a sense of personal security. But there are ways out that bring joy and real inner hope and contentment.

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