Thursday, 7 October 2010


Boredom is something we are all prone to from time to time, it's a mental thing, it's where we can't apportion our thoughts and feelings to the moment and it can last for a very short time to something that literally stretches out over days. Many factors can affect how we view boredom and our attitude plays a vital part in us 'snapping out of it', as well as at times positive external factors changing our focus and stance to give us a new purpose albeit temporary. We can be ultra busy and yet in the few moments we have for rest we can have a degree of boredom overcome us to the extent it can be somewhat debilitating as it changes our complete thought process. The usual boredom is where we don't feel that what we currently have has a value to sustain our mind levels to the degree we lose the ability to concentrate and focus. Often when we are bored there are many things we can do but can't muster up the incentive, the energy or anything else to do, and if we did do them we would probably mess things us as our heart wouldn't be in it.

There's nothing technically negative about boredom, some are more prone to it than others, and it's very subjective, we can look at others and think "what have they got to be bored about" but that's only from our dull, narrow and judgmental view point, we need to be more pro-active ourselves otherwise we get into a rut of endlessly comparing others to ourselves, all of our minds are different and so our are circumstances and the way we think and feel and also our future aspirations. Those that have bouts of boredom mostly bring it on themselves and it can become habitual like anything that's negative. Predominantly happy people can always cope far better than their miserable counterparts, and that is usually true for nearly every other aspect of life. At times our deep rooted thoughts overtake our ability to reason above the line, so we then dwell below it and that's when boredom sets in, it's below the line thinking that takes its toll and we as lemmings  almost automatically go with that feeling and suddenly we become bored.

Pre-conditioned thought sometimes is responsible for our mindset, such as delays in travel plans, the mere suspicion that a flight is delayed brings on negativity and bouts of dullness and a whole manner of stupid, childish and immature and selfish thoughts to some mindless passengers, as if it's all a bigger issue that it really is. Or in the same vein "jet lag" many start to suffer from it before they have even taken off such is the power of negative thought. It pays at times to travel on your own so you are not bogged down with others negativity and self perpetuated restlessness and endless sighs and repetitive conversations. If we change our outlook on life, regardless of circumstances we will elevate ourselves out of the trap of reacting to circumstances and put ourselves back in charge of our thoughts and feelings in that we will be in charge and not act as a default emotionally to anything else. Boredom comes and goes, it's something we don't learn it's almost an inherent feeling within, but what we need to understand that's it's only a mind construct, nothing more, the only fine line that there could be is that of boredom becoming mild depression and most of that is self perpetuated too.

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