Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Do you feel that you are in charge of your life or that you are a pawn within it, and that it's basically a hopeless mess or you have that feelings of  "what can I do to change it" attitude that has an enormity that's so grand it's almost daunting. Our feelings can change daily, some days we can be fine and others well, it's just too much to bear, but all that rests upon how we really are within more than circumstances. Circumstances are what they are and how we react to them is just that, it's very personal even if we share a commonality with others views. It's very easy to say "don't worry" or "don't get stressed out" but unanswered questions play hard within especially with minds that are not creative or are not able to be self orientated or entrepreneurial. There's no right nor wrong with much in our thought processes as they are all linked to different base matter and knowledge platforms, and what some get stressed out about others don't even consider it a problem, such is our outlook on life and how we deem we are going to be. But being vulnerable by our own hand is quite a dangerous thing, it can loosen all our nuts and bolts and stop us literally from moving forward and make life a drudgery rather than a point of time in which to live.

Self esteem and keeping our own counsel is one of the most valuable things we can do as it stops dead the thoughts and feelings of those around us who haven't a clue how we think or feel, even if they know us well. It's those people who are in themselves at sixes and sevens in life and feel the need to share their point of view yet would not accept any responsibility if you took it and it all went wrong. Surrounding or listening to those who see life differently especially those more lowly than yourself is sheer folly, by all means pass the time of day, but that's it move on. Dwelling on the problem aborts the will for a solution and it's solutions that are needed not the constant regurgitation of the problems.

Vulnerability has the dreadful effect of people forever wanting to share or talk about their downfalls or plight as if by magic in doing so it will suddenly lift, it wont, in fact it makes everything worse by giving it gravitas and an ongoing episode effect. Solutions as to what next may take time, solutions as to the ultimate aim may be in the light of today far fetched but tomorrow achievable need to be nurtured for if we don't or can't nurture such ideas then all is lost. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, but for some that's too easy and they manufacture scenarios that once the exit has been reached how long will it last, this perpetual negativity that really does thwart life and the self existence that some breed within and even transfer to others. Doing what's best for the self in life matters is the best policy which doesn't mean negating others nor responsibilities for life is a compromise, every day is a compromise and it's all linked to how we think and feel, so if that's rocky what do you think life's going to be like - rocky.

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